How your rental property looks in photos can be the best first impression and the key to improving your holiday home marketing strategy. Are you planning to update how your holiday property is decorated?

If you’re considering investing in a holiday home next year or if you want to upgrade your existing property, it can be difficult to know where to begin with styling your space. Home decoration has increased in demand thanks to renting properties such as Airbnb or HomeAway, where first impressions can make or break successful advertising of your property, repeat bookings, and increasing your rental income.

Holidaymakers are looking beyond the traditional hotel stay for their seasonal getaway, and many people want to feel more at home, whether in an Airbnb property or any other type of residential property. So what are popular home design trends to refresh you rental property in 2019? These are some ideas to help you make a great first impression and transform your rental house into a home.

1. Three popular holiday home interior styles

There are some easy ways to potentially increase the value of your property, and it’s mainly about keeping a neutral monochrome colour scheme to add value in your renting place. It’s important to keep in mind that “less is more”, opting for modern and minimalist spaces.

Scandinavian style:
Focus on clean lines and a simple colour palette based on whites, greys, and muted colours. The key to achieving this look is to keep your holiday home clean and uncluttered. Soft and natural textiles (line, wool, sheepskin) and accessories complete this trend.

New England style:
A simple combination of blue and white may bring a fresh and airy seacoast feeling to any property. Marine-inspired accessories might add the latest touch to this interior trend.

Country style:
The main objective of a country look is to feel cosy, authentic, and homely. It needs to incorporate the architecture of the property such as exposed brick walls, fireplaces, wooden beams, and an abundance of patterns and textures, vintage fixtures, and powerful colours (pink, green, blue, purple). The perfect accessories are rustic furniture, and wood-burning stoves, an appealing element that might require some maintenance ideas to prevent the risks associated with these stoves and that might be a condition on holiday home insurance!

cottage table

2. Mixing patterns and prints

Giving an original touch in your house might make all the difference on online sites for holiday homes. Mixing patterns and prints in the home can easily go wrong… but if it’s done right, you’re a winner! Top patterns for 2019 are mixing florals with geometrics, painterly abstracts, animal skins and illustrative prints.

3. The three most important rooms to stage

Your guests would expect a cosy and comfortable space, and you should be aware of the most important rooms in the house for the interior design trends: bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. Make sure your guests feel fully accommodated in your property to rent, with some of the following tips.


  • Neutral and warm colours (green, blue, sand), which are an invitation to rest and feel comfortable.
  • High quality mattress and consider the size of the bed.
  • Plain cotton linen, easy replaceable when needed, with extra-colourful pillows and a nice quilt to match on the bed.
  • Bedside tables, a nice wardrobe and chest of draws, and plenty of power outlets.
  • Have a feature wall or patterned wallpaper to give a room the “wow” factor.

Living rooms

  • A comfortable long sofa (with removable and washable covers for easy maintenance) and a couple of brightly coloured armchairs to give the room more character. Try to be symmetrical and give a “U” shape to the space, so guests can easily converse around the main point of the house.
  • Nice, but do not need to be expensive, pieces of furniture, in case they can get damaged or scratched.
  • Storage space, such as coffee tables, cabinets, or TV stand.
  • Board games, DVDs, or books to make your guests more comfortable and happy to stay.
  • Some lamps projecting soft light might create a good ambience in the evening.


  • Cabinets that reach to the ceiling to reduce dust.
  • Basket, vases, and nice trays to store kitchen essentials and give a cosy look.
  • If possible, an island, or a seating area to bring relax around the room.
  • Decent pots, pans and kitchen appliances (kettle, coffee machine, dishwasher machine, etc.).
  • Some nice artwork and soft lights.

It’s likely you will see more coral colours in home decoration, as Living Coral is the Pantone Colour of the Year 2019, and it will “create a warm, comforting and nurturing feeling in the home.”

Bear in mind any kind of extra decoration and interior design that may become a hazard for your holiday home insurance, there are steps you can take to help avoid fire risks or complete a risk assessment to help prevent fires at your holiday home.

4. Don’t forget the exteriors

Some of these home design trends to refresh your let property are not exclusively for indoors. You should pay attention to the outside areas such as patios and gardens. The might be a key selling point for holiday makers who want to enjoy time outdoors.

cottage door

Have you consider including to add water features? Some basic ideas to upgrade these areas are the use of lower-maintenance plants and flower bulbs, as well as additional seating and table for the number of people the property can accommodate. Barbecues stations or heaters are extra installations that might help guests to sit around at night and, if you have room, the property could look more impressive if you add tiers, because your patio might feel bigger.

5. Let’s liven up those walls

Some nice artwork, photo frames, and soft lights might make a huge difference to a dull wall. Have you ever wondered why people want to visit the town where your house is? Use the potential of the location to add value to your property, including frames with vintage photos of the people. It’s irresistible! Paint one of the walls of the bedroom with a vibrant colour or include a nice relaxing paper. Make it a place where people can easily relax.

6. Flowers in the window

Plants have the power of calm and relax any room where they are. Even if pineapples, unicorns, or flamingos were trendy in 2018, it doesn’t mean people will get bored of plants (palm trees, cactus, succulents…). There are plenty of options and low-maintenance indoor or outdoor plants that could create a home from a home feeling. Just imagine the positive energy and peace in your home adding some flowers or plants throughout your home.

Styling your holiday home may improve the value of your rental property, and first impressions are shown to be very important! In fact, a lot of it is about adding cosy touches and warm colours to make the house homely so guests might prefer to stay in your property. There are plenty of free resources you can use to get ideas, and you can find inspirational photos for your house to rent or holiday cottage on social media.

Whether you’re letting out a holiday cottage or a flat, Intasure could provide you buildings insurance, to help protect the structure of your house, or contents insurance, to offer peace of mind against accidental damage.

Are you planning to decorate your home in the coming months? What is your favourite design trend ?

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