Autumn in your Touring Caravan

As the winter draws near and daylight hours shorten, there are still lots of reasons to use your touring caravan. There are many caravan parks that remain open all year round, so there’s still a chance to take a trip and enjoy the English countryside. Or, if you’re looking for some autumn sun, why not journey a little further, and take your touring caravan to the South of France or even Spain?

While the purists might remember the days of no frills basic facilities, modern day glamping with all its luxury is now all the rage. Modern day caravans have it all, and will protect you against all the elements. They provide you with a cocoon against all the stresses of city living, and with all the modern conveniences a person could need, you’ll never feel too far from home.

There are many sites that remain open all year round, either in the countryside or by the coast. With all the opportunities, facilities and amenities of todays caravan parks there can be few (if any) complaints when the weather turns a little chilly. All of this just adds to the attraction of a quick break before the winter sets in. Throw in some crisp autumn sunshine with crunching red and gold blushed leaves, pub lunches next to a roaring fire, there can be no better place to be.

If you do make it as far as France, Spain or even Portugal the rewards can be even greater. You can bask in the final hazy days of summer sunshine, enjoying a well earnt sojourn. And, no doubt, such outdoors adventures will make you build up quite a thirst and appetite – who, therefore, wouldn’t want to take advantage of a taste or tipple of the local fare?

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