Blessing for Touring Caravan Manufacturers

As Brexit looms large over many manufacturers it appears not all sectors are struggling. The manufacturers of touring caravans (those caravans that are pulled behind cars) are enjoying something of a resurgence having really suffered in the years following the financial crisis. The UK is now Europe’s largest market for touring caravans, and many of the makers are British based companies. Touring caravan sales were up 7% to June this year, and manufacturers will be hoping to build on this throughout the rest of the year. The benefits of this aren’t just limited to manufacturers, as parks and caravan sites cater to the extra demand created. Many of Britain’s roughly 2000 parks have been packed out over peak periods, and some are now considering expanding.

A number of factors have helped fuel this new life on the touring caravan trail. The rise in the popularity of ‘staycations’, where holidaymakers make the most of the UK rather than take a foreign holiday, has certainly helped. A touring caravan might be thought of as an initial investment that will pay back as the owners save money on flights and hotels. Another factor is the steps that site owners have taken to help meet the demands of more discerning clientele. Whereas in years gone by dinner might consist of something quickly heated up and entertainment an evening of cards on a camping table parks are offering an increasingly sophisticated facilities with restaurants and other facilities.

The addition of new facilities at parks, combined with cheaper available models of touring caravan, is also helping draw a new generation into a pastime traditionally enjoyed by the middle aged and pensioners. This younger generation can bring a trendy slant and no doubt manufactures will be delighted to bring the next generation into the market. While uncertainty shrouds much of the future things for touring caravans are looking up.

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