Bristol Named as Sunday Times Best Place to Live in Britain 2017

The Sunday Times recently revealed their annual guide to the best places to live in the UK, announcing regional winners and the overall winner of Bristol. Previous winners include Bath and Amersham but this year both lost out to a city described by the editor as ‘cool, classy and supremely creative’. It was noted that Bristol, the home town of Banksey, was a small city with the feel of a big city.

The Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees was said to have been ‘chuffed’ at the result and highlighted the ‘cultural diversity’ and ‘independent spirit’ of the city as key reasons for the result

Although house prices were not used as a specific criterion, at just under £286,000 they are well below prices in London, a city it faced stiff competition from. However, it was decided that despite its size the city ‘crams in all the culture you could wish for’.

In light of this latest guide, here at Intasure, we’ve wondered if Bristol is the best place to live in the UK, where is the best place to own a holiday home? While some of the criterion used by the Sunday Times may remain the same others will surely be different. For example, if you enjoy a city break a holiday home in a city with a vibrant cultural scene and excellent availability of places to wine and dine will probably be a must. But perhaps the kids wouldn’t fully appreciate the holiday activities if great schools were used as a holiday home criterion.

Other criterion unlikely to make the list for a great holiday home are the availability of glamorous, creative, hi-tech and professional jobs; and for those who want to get away from it all remoteness could be more important than excellent transport links. That said Bristol was praised for being ‘handily placed for seaside and scenery’, both qualities that many holiday home owners would appreciate.

Overall, while some of the things that make a place great to live are also going to make it a great place to visit, there are plenty of things that are going to make a place a great to visit but not great to live. In a way it’s more difficult to say where the best place to own a holiday home is as a holiday home reflects what we like to do in our spare time, unbound by the general constraints of day to day life. When it comes to finding a great holiday home it really is up to you.

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