Can I let my caravan out with caravan insurance?

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Our policies include public liability cover up to £2.5 million as standard. It means that if an insured claim arises from a guest who experiences injury, illness, or death while staying at your caravan, we can help cover the costs. If you're residing or staying at a holiday park, you may wish to consider whether

Will my caravan still be insured if I leave it unoccupied?

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Our static home and mobile home insurance policies cover periods of unoccupancy, but whether you're covered will depend on your policy. Therefore, homeowners must tell us if their caravan is unoccupied for 180 consecutive days or more. Unfortunately, if you have a park home policy, accidental damages and losses aren't covered while your property is

How much does holiday home insurance in France cost?

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Various factors affect the price that insurers quote for holiday home insurance. The following factors will shape the premium you are quoted: Location – beachside, ski resort, and city centre properties cost more to insure than properties in lower-demand areas. Size – large properties attract higher premiums than smaller properties. In addition, villas and homes

Holiday home insurance vs home insurance – Is their a difference?

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There are some similarities between holiday home insurance and cover for your primary residence. For example, it is usually important to cover the building itself and its contents. However, properties in France often have pools and outbuildings, which may also need protection against risks. That’s where Intasure can help. What’s more, our protection provides public

What does your mobile home insurance not cover?

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While our mobile home insurance policies offer broad coverage, there are some exemptions. Damage to your property is covered, however, depreciation, deterioration, manufacturing defects and general wear and tear are not. Additionally, damage by pets, moths, or vermin isn’t covered. While theft is covered, theft by deception, such as fraud, is not. Please read the

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