What insurance do I need for a holiday let in Egypt?

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If you are thinking about purchasing a second home in Egypt as a buy to let, you may want to include public liability. In doing so, you can safeguard your finances against the potential risks associated with having holidaymakers stay at your property. Protection against accidental damage, theft, loss, injury, and illness is included within

How much does liability insurance cost?

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The answer will depend on several factors, including: The size of your business – if you have a large business with valuable contracts, you might face higher costs. The number of employees – more employees typically means paying a higher premium. The location of your premises – if you have an office in an area

Do I need both buildings and content insurance for my holiday home in Luxembourg?

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You aren’t legally required to purchase either of the above covers in Luxembourg. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that many mortgage providers may ask you to hold buildings insurance as a minimum. Aside from what’s expected, it’s also worth considering the consequences of not having sufficient insurance in place. For instance, contents insurance protects

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