How much does Expat property insurance cost?

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Your expat property insurance premium will depend on several factors, including: The type of policy – premiums differ across expat home insurance, expat holiday home insurance, expat caravan insurance and expat landlord insurance. Location – properties in high-demand areas attract higher premiums than those in lesser-known or emerging markets. Size – the size of your

Am I eligible for expat home insurance?

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Our relationship with Nordic allows us to organise home insurance for UK nationals and EU passport holders. After the UK left the EU, we formulated a solution that enables us to continue servicing our customers. Nordic is an established subsidiary of our parent company, Gallagher, which holds the necessary regulatory permissions and licenses to provide

Does static caravan insurance cover contents?

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Yes, you have the option of choosing between new for old or market value cover. New for old means we can cover the cost of replacing a lost or damaged item, or the closest equivalent where this isn’t possible. This relates to your contents and property. Market value cover, on the other hand, means we

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