On Holiday with Julian

Name: Julian

Occupation: Sales Specialist

Where did you go?, What time of the year was it?

Fuseta, Portugal, in July.

How did you choose this destination/ what made you want to go?

I have a friend who owns an apartment here, my wife and I go out every year.

What did you do?

Lots of sunbathing – I like to pretend I’m a piece of toast; I do the front in the morning and then flip over and do the back in the afternoon. There’s a communal pool at the apartment block and I might relax on the sun lounger there, or, there’s a beach just 5 mins walk away so I might walk down to the beach as well.

What was the best thing about your holiday?

The weather was fantastic – hot, hot, hot and sunny, not a drop of rain!

What was the worst thing about your holiday?

Coming home.

What was the culture like?

Wonderful – everyone was really friendly. This isn’t a commercial development or a mass market holiday destination, the people there are really genuine locals and really nice.

What were the people like?

Friendly, as above.

Was it expensive to do things e.g. eat out, visit attractions etc.?

It’s really good value and not expensive at all. We were able to eat out most nights and I could go to the bar and get a beer for a Euro.
What would you say to someone looking to buy a holiday home there?
I’d recommend it – it’s great!

Would you go back?

I go every year.

Do you have any good tips or advice?

It’s good for chilling out because it’s really hot. It’s also really good for relaxing as it’s really quiet.

September 11, 2017

Author: Lucjan

Published by: intasure