Insure Your Ski Chalet

With nearly 320 million skier visits worldwide in the 2015/16 ski season, and nearly 150 million of these in the Alps region, skiing remains a popular holiday pastime for many people, including many Brits. Once the sun sits low in the sky, and swooshing on the slopes comes to a close the après ski can begin, and rather than stay in a hotel many people prefer to have their own ski chalet to use as a base of operation. Nestled on the hillside surrounded by snow, the ski chalet is a fortress against the cold outside and may have design features to help with the conditions they face. Given these design features it’s important to make sure your insurance provider is aware and is able to deal with your ski chalet insurance.

As the ski chalet is most likely to be a holiday home and probably located overseas, the first obstacle is to find an insurer that can provide cover for that country and for a property often left unoccupied, meaning it might be worth exploring holiday home insurance providers.

Chalets often timber built or a mixture of timber and concrete. It’s important your insurer is aware of any timber aspects of the property as this can affect the risk profile and also the premium. Another aspect of the construction is the roof type. While it’s possible for the roof to be made in a range of construction materials a Modern Metal Sheeting roof type is proving increasingly popular. For some insurers this may be considered a non-standard construction, so you should check with your provider. One of the benefits of metal roofs is that they’re considered to be ice and snow shedding systems – something that could prove useful in a ski resort!

Although traditional style ski chalets are still one of the most popular, more bespoke and luxurious chalets are also entering the market. These can come with any number of unique and original features including open fire places, hot tubs, saunas, floor to ceiling windows or even an indoor pool! Clearly, if you have a one-of-kind, architecturally designed ski chalet it will need a tailored insurance solution that takes into account everything that makes the property special. Ski Chalet Insurance doesn’t have to be difficult, give us a call today to see what we can offer for you and then it’s back to the slopes for some fun!

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