La Palma rocked by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

The Cumbre Vieja volcano, which started on Sunday 19th September 2021, caused chaos on the holiday island of La Palma, in the Canaries. The volcano is still spewing out red-hot lava and has destroyed hundreds of houses since it first started erupting in September. As well as devastating homes, businesses, and holiday properties in the region, the island had also been shaken by over thousands of small earthquakes, as the volcano continues to blast lava and hot ash into the sky.1

A bitter end to the tourist season

For an island that tends to rely on the tourist industry, the volcanic eruption has cut what was already a short tourist season (due to travel restrictions) even shorter. There is no telling how long the eruptions would continue, but as of Friday 9th November 2021, blasts are continuing to spread think plume of cloud filled with toxic ash and toxic across 2.6 miles into the air.2

Aid from the government

The Spanish government has said they will request funding for roads, water pipes and create temporarily accommodation for those who have lost homes and farmland.1

How bad is the damage?

Not everyone will suffer the total devastation and loss that being in the path of volcanic lava causes, and many of our clients on La Palma may only suffer less extensive damage. Volcanic ash may not cause serious property damage, but it can sometimes affect gardens, swimming pools and patios. As part of our holiday homes insurance service, if the event is not considered a consorcio matter, our loss adjustors will be visiting all of our clients in La Palma who put in a claim as soon as they are told it is safe to move around the affected area.

Part of the claim process will be a thorough examination of the damage caused by the volcano, but our adjustors will also be looking at damage caused by the earthquakes that accompany any volcanic activity. These tremors can cause structural damage in properties that are away from the volcano’s immediate vicinity but can be just as devastating for the owners.

Nobody can accurately predict when a volcano that’s been quiet for decades will next become active. Cumbre Vieja has been inactive since 1971, and as La Palma has another large volcano as part of its landscape, there could be concerns that this could go on for some time to come.

Intasure – offering reassurance in an uncertain world

The last couple of years have made us all realise that our world can be very unpredictable. The La Palma volcano is just the latest in a long succession of challenging events that include extreme weather events across Europe as well as earthquakes that have shaken properties around the world. Despite the uncertainties, Intasure is here to offer clients a little bit of reassurance in these uncertain times. By working with local loss adjusters, we assist on holiday home insurance claims, so our clients can start to rebuild their lives, their homes, and maybe their businesses. Offering both buildings and contents cover, as well as working with a network of local tradespeople and suppliers, we can try to help you get back on your feet. 2021 may have been yet another difficult year for all of us, but with Intasure’s help, we hope our clients across Europe and in the UK can have a much more positive 2022 and beyond.

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