Park home owners on the march to Protest

Thousands of protesters marched on Westminster earlier this week to demonstrate their distress at the alleged unfair practice of site owners requiring park and mobile homeowners sacrifice 10% of the equity of their property upon its sale. The practice has been criticised by some who view it as profiteering and an additional cost where no requisite service is provided. The National Park Home Owners Justice Campaign (PHOJC) has described the practice as ‘sale blocking’ and has demanded a change in the law.

The protest comes as a result of a campaign group founded by Sonia McColl who insisted that: “Thousands of people all over the country are literally trapped in their homes by this charge. If they want to move on it’s got to be inferior because they don’t have the money after parting with 10% of their equity.” However industry insiders for the park home sites have said that this charge is an important income stream and their business models would be put under pressure without it.

This assertion has been challenged by PHOJC who have demanded a Government inquiry and copies of the park owners accounts to justify the charge. The president of the National Association of Park Home Residents, Mr Brian Doick, has branded the charges ‘ridiculous’ stating ‘These landowners are making fortunes. This is ridiculous that they should be allowed to take away people’s assets that they have worked hard for’.

Although the Government has promised a review of these charges the current position from a 2014 review is that the charge is an important income strand for site owners. This will do little to quell the ire of the protesters who see the charge as essentially trapping people in their current situation and unable to move except to a home of inferior quality.

Despite the protest no formal change has been announced by the Government.

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