Storm damage to a holiday home in Spain

Angela shares her personal story with Intasure after a storm damage hit her property in Spain last summer.

When did you buy the property in Spain?

We purchased our holiday home in Jaen (Andalusia, Southern Spain) in 2017.

Why did you decide to buy a holiday home in Spain?

The property is perfect for us: a nice family townhouse in a large village between Jaen and Granada surrounded by beautiful countryside with cherry and olive trees. We are a car journey to the Mediterranean coast, skiing in the mountains, or the magical city of Granada. We did not want to be isolated so we chose to be in a large village with everything you could need walking distance. Our Spanish holiday home is full of original features and we were attracted to its splendour immediately. We had a survey done prior to buying it and it was sound in structure.

How did you hear about Intasure?

We were originally recommended Intasure from an expat website and I was not disappointed when we took out holiday home insurance for price and cover benefits.

Have you ever had to claim before?

I have never claimed on any buildings insurance before and was not sure what to expect when making an insurance claim.

What happened to your holiday home in Spain?

Last year in May 2018, there was a hail storm that was like nothing I had seen before. I took videos of the hail and water running down the street. Little did I know what significant damage it was causing. I was very lucky to have been there to witness it. The tiles could be heard cracking on the roof during the storm when I went upstairs. Cars in the village had their roofs dented. It was this day there was some water seen in the attic. It was coming in through the roof. Clearly the tiles had been broken, moved or damaged. The following week there was more rain and the true extent of the damage was clear.

How did Intasure help you with your insurance claim?

We had water running down the walls and into the attic. I spent hours mopping it up to try and prevent further damage. It was very distressing and it was then when I contacted Intasure. Some British expats in the village said that insurance companies will do everything they can to get out of a claim. I should try but do not be surprised if they do not help you. But this was not my experience!

Within a week I had a structural surveyor drive two hours from Malaga to see me, inspect the house, look at my roof and see the damage caused. He spoke good English and was knowledgeable and helpful. I showed him my videos, pictures from Facebook of neighbours experiences and the survey of my home. He spent a few hours in my home and stated he would make a report.

Was your damage claim resolved?

I was delighted that it was agreed. The hardest task was getting 3 builders quotes. They chose a Spanish builder who did an amazing job in September 2018. The delay was due to the builder’s availability as he was very busy. He understood that the work needed to be done before the next winter.

If you had to sum up your experience so far with Intasure, what would you say?

I cannot praise the service I received enough. This was a very stressful time for me. I had nothing but help and was grateful that the process was reasonably smooth. The phone was answered by English speaking workers even in Malaga. I have recommended this company to a friend who also has a holiday home.

Angela, 2019

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May 07, 2019

Author: Marina

Published by: intasure