Tips for working at home or remotely

Whether you’ve been working from home for years or are recently new to the change, there can be a lot to adjust to for example, finding a routine, desk set up etc. in this guide you will find 5 tips and tricks to help you become an outstanding remote worker.

  1. Getting Dressed as Usual
    Although it can be really tempting when working from home to stay in your pyjamas all day, it can have an effect on your performance. You may find putting on your normal day to day clothes will provide normality within the change and provide motivation and focus to your daily tasks and challenges. Not only do you feel like you’ve made that initial change from waking up and relaxing at home to productive working, you’re also always ready to jump on any last-minute video call with a client or colleagues.
  2. Decide How You Focus the Best
    Sometimes working in silence can be deafening and affect your focus. Therefore, sometimes having some background noise could help you regain focus. For example, sounds could be radio, TV and family members alternatively, sometimes too much noise can have the same affect like construction outside your window etc.
  3. Know When to Step Away
    Just because you are working remotely doesn’t mean you have to be at your desk all day. When you’re not present in your usual working environment (office), it can be very tempting to ensure you’re are always available for your colleagues and clients resulting in no breaks or finishing at extremely late hours of the day. But as a worker now working at home, you should maintain your regular schedule of breaks once in a while and step away from your computer. Ways to step away could be; going for a quick walk, short workouts and sitting down eating your lunch away from any distractions that are work related.
  4. Get Creative with Team Meetings.
    To have slight change within your week you could consider scheduling a video call instead of a voice conference so you can take your time to catching up with a colleague and to get some human interaction especially if you live alone. Other ways could be presenting ideas in different ways such as screen sharing and PowerPoints if it varies from your regular day to day work.
  5. Respect ‘Home” Time.
    When working from home it can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage however, there are many ways to make it a bigger advantage. When your work place is also your home it can be harder to respect the boundaries and knowing when to stop. Finding the balance is important and can help you maintain a positive lifestyle.
    The trick is this: When you’re working, make sure you go all in within your respected work hours and when it’s time to quit, close your laptop or computer and walk away.

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Ref: FP114-2021

Updated: 22/04/2021