If it’s not in a winter sun location nor by some snowy skiing slope the answer could well be no. In which case, one might wonder, what’s the best way to keep it safe from winter storms and weather? Some of things that need to happen are the same as locking up the property at other times of the year; shutting down water and electricity services, giving all the rooms a final check and making sure all windows and doors are firmly shut and locked.

Check Your Holiday home before Winter

However, if you’re locking up for winter you’ll probably want to take some extra precautions. For one thing, given that weather tends to deteriorate over the winter you’ll want to make sure any maintenance issues are up to date. If you spot anything that needs attention it’s easier to get this sorted before the winter chills set in.

Roof and gutters are both good places to give a check as any leaks or damage here can affect the property, especially if water ingress happens at the property over a long period of time. Another item to think about is how your property might be affected by a period of freezing weather. Switching off the water and draining tanks and pipes now helps prepare your property for the winter and lessens the risk of cracked pipes and escape of water. In their seasonal outlook The Weather Company are predicting a colder than normal UK in December and January.

Another thing to check is if your holiday home insurance policy has any stipulations. It’s not unusual for policies to have endorsements that only apply to the winter period, so you need to check if any of these apply to your holiday home and make sure you put the right precautions in place.

Having taken the best precautions you can then enjoy your winter and the holiday home/second home will be there to greet you next year.

Seasonal Outlook: The Weather Company Says Europe is in for Another Mild Month in November, Before Colder Emerges.