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Insurance for Professionals

Why choose Professionals Insurance with Intasure?

At Intasure we have a proven track record of pioneering new and innovative products to meet the demands of both private and business customers alike. We have a wide range of insurance policies suitable for business professionals. We can offer the majority of covers your business needs. Our policies have a number of sections covering a wide range of perils. You can choose additional covers to suit your needs.

We recognise that most people running a business, often do not have time during the day to discuss their insurance arrangements and thus, we are open evenings and weekends for your convenience. We also have a sophisticated telephone call back facility and can schedule a call to you at a time of your request, we’ll even call you back immediately if required.

Our policies are specialised, and whatever profession you are involved in, we will probably have a policy that suits your needs.

Benefits of obtaining your Business Insurance from Intasure

  •  We have many years of expertise; providing specialist covers

  •  We have a wide range of polices suitable for business professionals

  •  Monthly direct debits available

  •  Knowledgeable staff prepared to take the time to assist you

  •  Your enquiry will be professionally handled in the UK at a time to suit you if required

  •  We are open evenings and weekends for your convenience

  •  Competetive quotes with a quick and easy telephone call-back service

  •  Our team take pride in their responsiveness and customer care, ensuring you have the correct up-to-date cover, handling claims efficiently and answering questions promptly & accurately

  •  Modern plain English Policy Wordings

  •  A very wide variety of trades & occupations can be covered, quotes provided quickly & efficiently

Intasure Customer Reviews

*This provides you with a summary of the cover. For precise details of cover, including the conditions and exclusions that apply, the policy document itself should be referred to.

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