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Home Insurance for Expats

Is your property abroad properly insured?

It’s generally much easier to move abroad these days, and millions of expats are heading to distant shores, drawn by the prospect of a more laid-back lifestyle, cheaper property prices, and a lot more sunshine!

No matter where you decide to call home, insurance can be an important part of life. If you have decided to relocate to outside the U.K, we can help you with expat home insurance.

Even if you paid much less for your home overseas, it is still a big investment that you should considered getting insurance cover. Therefore, we want to make it easy for you to get expat house insurance that is competitive and offers you protection designed to meet the needs of expats with overseas homes.

Flexibility that suits you

At Intasure, we recognise the importance that expat insurance is as flexible as your lifestyle. Therefore, our Expat Home insurance policy offers a host of benefits that can give you adequate protection against loss and damage.

Our friendly, professional sales team are always on hand to help, and can offer you expatriate home insurance for both your home and your contents.

Some of the benefits with Intasure are:

  • Your property is covered even when it’s unoccupied (up to 60 days), so if you head back to the UK to see your family, your home can be protected while it’s empty
  • If your villa or home abroad has a swimming pool then that can be added to your cover with our expatriate main home insurance policies
  • Cover during exchange of contracts and completion – we know it can take a while to secure that dream home in the sun, so we can provide cover while you’re finalising your contracts
  • If you cannot live in your home after an insured claim, our expat house insurance includes temporary accommodation cover.

Can you provide expatriate home insurance anywhere in the world?

While we can cover many locations, there are some that we are unable to provide insurance for. Other locations, such as Turkey, may have exemptions, specific regions where we cannot offer cover, or additional clauses to cover eventualities such as earthquakes. Our sales team will be able to provide you with more details on the policies available.

Other clauses may affect your ability to get overseas house insurance. For example, if your property is in Italy then you will need a Codice Fiscale to be able to get insurance. This is the Italian equivalent of a National insurance number, and is vital for a wide range of activities in Italy, from insurance to online shopping!

What about subsidence cover?

This is often a concern when buying a property abroad, especially if the region you’re moving to has a history of instability or earthquakes. We can provide optional subsidence cover for France, Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar as part of your expatriate main home insurance, for an additional premium.

Liability insurance for expats

Our expat home insurance comes with £5million of public liability cover included as standard*, which can be important to help protect you against personal injury or damage to property claims.

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If you’ve decided to leave the cloudy skies of the UK behind and have started a new life in the sun, we can help with house insurance abroad. With over 15 years’ experience in the insurance business, we are here to help you find cover. To find out more, talk to one of our Sales team today on +46 844 689 552

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*This provides you with a summary of the cover. For precise details of cover, including the conditions and exclusions that apply, the policy document itself should be referred to.

Ref: WB15-2021m

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