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Call Us Now for a QUOTE: 0345 111 0680 – Weekdays 9am – 7pm | Saturday 10am – 3pm

Start ups

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Question Do you cover a start up business? Answer Yes- we are happy to assist with new ventures. Many businesses needing insurance for the first time require a little help and guidance as to what types of insurances are available, especially those insurances that are required to enable a company to comply with any relevant

Interested parties

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Question Can I have other peoples interests noted on my policy? Answer Yes- we often find, especially with commercial building insurances, that a bank or lenders name needs to be noted on the policy schedule. Just give us your requirements when you buy your policy or call us at any time if the interests change


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Question What if I need assistance after I have purchased my policy? Answer That’s no problem at all, simply contact our administration team. Often, throughout the year, policyholders contact us to make alterations such as; increases to the sums insured or to add or delete premises or on the acquisition of new contents or machinery.


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Question How can I make a claim? Answer Full instructions on how to make a claim are contained within your policy document; we have a 24 hour dedicated claims telephone number for you to report incidents on.


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Question What if I change my mind? Answer Unless otherwise stated, all of our policies come with a cooling off period, full details will be provided. Any requests for cancellation must be sent to us in writing.

Policy documents

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Question When can I expect to receive my policy documents? Answer We are able to provide confirmation of cover and policy booklets quickly and in most cases by email. We are used to working to deadlines to produce documents and pride ourselves on our quick delivery of all essential information.

Cover Period

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Question What periods of cover do you offer? Answer Unless otherwise stated, we offer our policies for 12 monthly periods. 21 days prior to the end of your contract, we will make contact with you regarding renewal of the policy.

Quote Valid

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Question How long will my quote be valid for? Answer This will be stated on our quotation offer and is subject to there being no material change in the underwriting information you have provided.

Monthly option

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Question Do you accept monthly payments? Answer Yes- you will have the option to pay for your policy in one lump sum or by monthly direct debits.


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Question Do you offer discounts? Answer Yes - our policy rating will reward a business with a good claims record. Question How can I reduce my premium further? Answer Have a chat with our sales team, in some cases, we may be able to offer you a reduction in the premium in return for an

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