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Fraudulent Phone Calls

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Question What do I do if I get a call asking for my bank details and I don’t think it is a legitimate call from Gallagher? Answer To help prevent fraud - before requesting your bank details to provide you with a refund by phone, we will always validate with you information that we hold

Home workers

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Question I work from home - Can you still provide business insurance? Answer Yes - please make contact with our office and we will a advise what types of insurance we can help you with.

Increase Cover

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Question What if I need to increase my Public Liability indemnity limit - Is this possible? Answer Yes - this is possible, we often find that tradespersons are asked to obtain a higher indemnity limit by some employers. We do have maximum limits we can insure up to; please call our office to discuss.

Loss of income

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Question Can I protect myself against loss of Income? Answer You can help protect yourself against loss of income or business interruption following an insured event occurring at your premises. We will be happy to explain to you how this cover operates and the basis on which any claims will be paid.

Shop Glass

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Question Do you include cover for shop front glass? Answer Yes - we include cover for glass and damage to your shop frontage. We also include signs and blinds.

Above a shop

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Question I own a property with a residential flat above, can you help? Answer Yes - subject to underwriting we can. If for example you own a building with commercial usage downstairs and a residential flat above, we can provide cover for the building and landlord’s contents. On some of our policies, owners and staffs

Liabilities only

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Question Can I just insure for my liabilities? Answer Yes you can, we can offer stand-alone liability insurance policies without the need to take out a full business insurance package contract. This is ideal for self-employed persons operating without premises.

What Category

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Question I’m not sure what I want or what category I fall under? Answer Don’t worry about that, simply call our office and we can have a discussion, we are experts and will be able to help identify your needs and recommend a suitable product.

Multiple premises

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Question What if I have multiple premises? Answer No problem at all, we can cover them under the one policy document with a common renewal date. You can add and delete premises throughout the year if required.

Other cover

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Question Can I have all my covers under one policy? Answer In many cases- yes, we offer insurance policies with a number of sections covering loss or damage and liabilities. In some cases, particularly if you require a specialist cover such as “Professional Indemnity Insurance”, we may have to issue more than one policy document.

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