Painter and Decorator Commercial Liability Insurance

Whether you’re working on the inside or outside, as a painter and decorator your skills can transform homes and commercial spaces. Your experience means you achieve the perfect finish that your customers expect. Quite rightly, you can stand back proud of your work, whether it’s a quick bedroom refresh or a complete office overhaul.

What is Painters’ and Decorators’ Commercial Liability Insurance?

Liability Insurance can protect you if someone else is injured or property is damaged. Painters’ and Decorators’ Commercial Liability Insurance is a product designed specifically for the tradesmen and women. It covers the types of risks you are likely to face in your everyday work.

What is covered?

Our Painters’ and Decorators’ Commercial Liability Insurance can cover a wide range of risks. This includes accidents when you’re on the job as well as problems that arise as a result of your workmanship or the products you use.

For example:

  • You are painting the exterior of a home using a ladder. The paint pot falls onto the pavement below, hitting a passer-by resulting in an injury or splattering over a car causing substantial damage.
  • You put your ladder down in an office, and someone trips over it, hurting their back.
  • Wallpaper glue spills onto a carpet, and the entire flooring must be replaced.

Do I have to have it?

Liability Insurance is not a legal requirement, but you may wish to consider it as you may find some customers might not use you unless you can show you have it in place. This is especially likely if you work for businesses or local authorities, which may specify a minimum level of cover before you can tender for a contract.

Why choose Intasure?

Our team has been helping decorators like you and other related trades for many years. Our policies can be adapted to give you the level of cover you need depending on your business. Whether you are self-employed or run a team.

We can offer:

  • Public and Products Liability up to £10m.
  • Employers’ Liability Insurance up to £10m.
  • Stand-alone policies available.

Get a quote or find out more

Buying Painters’ and Decorators’ Commercial Liability Insurance from Intasure can be quick and easy. It takes just one phone call to our dedicated sales team to get started, so what are you waiting for? Call us today on 0345 073 7137.

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*Policy limits and exclusions may apply, please see the policy wording for full terms and conditions

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