Flooring Contractors Liability Insurance

From large-scale commercial projects to domestic fittings, flooring contractors use their skills to transform spaces. You have meticulous attention to detail when you’re measuring up and use your experience to ensure the job goes smoothly and your customers are happy.

Unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong. Accidents can happen, or you could unwittingly fit substandard products. A lapse in concentration for a split second could result in an error that develops into a significant problem. To help your business thrive, you should consider Flooring Contractors’ Commercial Liability Insurance. This can cover costs if something unexpected happens and you are threatened with legal action.

What is Flooring Contractors’ Commercial Liability Insurance?

Commercial Liability Insurance is designed to cover the potential insured risks such as, if you are sued because someone is injured or property is damaged by something connected to your job.

This could be damage or injury caused when you’re on-site. For example:

  • When carrying a roll of carpet into a customer’s house, you accidentally knock and smash an antique vase.
  • You unintentionally leave your tools in a walkway, and a third party trips over them and breaks their ankle.
  • You accidentally damage the under-floor heating system when you are fitting tiles.
  • You inadvertently fit uneven flooring, and a third party trips on it and is hurt.

Our insurance cover can include:

  • Public & Products Liability up to £10m.
  • Employers’ Liability Insurance up to £10m.
  • Stand-alone policies are also available.

Why buy Flooring Contractors’ Commercial Liability Insurance from Intasure?

We have many years of experience insuring tradespeople like you, so we can help arrange suitable cover. We understand the specific risks you face every day. Whether you are a sole trader or employ several members of staff, we have options that can fit the size of your business.

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*Policy limits and exclusions may apply, please see the policy wording for full terms and conditions.

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