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Builders’ Commercial Liability

Builders are the backbone of the community. They build the homes and offices we live and work in, are multi-skilled, and meticulous in the way they work. Without builders, we all literally wouldn’t have a roof over our heads! From putting in a new floor, remodelling a home or building an office block from the ground up, they’re one of the most versatile and skilled groups of tradespeople in the UK.

The trouble is that while usually things go well, there is that odd occasion when a door doesn’t fit, or a client isn’t happy with the work. Whether it’s muddy boot prints on their brand new carpet, or an unintentional error in installing a partition wall, a mistake during construction can have real financial consequences to the business. That is why you should consider Builders’ Commercial Liability insurance.

What is Builders’ Commercial Liability insurance?

Builders’ Commercial Liability doesn’t just help protect sole traders and limited companies against insured claims for financial compensation from clients, it also takes into account other hazards that could lead to an insured claim, such as accidents at a building site that result in the injury of a work colleague.

As a builder, you understand the importance of insurance to help protect your interests. The difference with Builders’ Commercial Liability is that it takes into account the unique challenges that builders can face.

To help our hard-working builders, we provide a Builders’ Commercial Liability policy that could help protect your finances.

What are the benefits of Builders’ Commercial Liability insurance?

As well as being able to adapt the level of cover to suit the specific challenges of the building trade, you could gain a range of other benefits*:

Benefits Include:

  •  Public & Products Liability up to £10m

  •  Employers Liability Insurance up to £10m

  • Stand-alone policy available

  •  A wide variety of trades & occupations available

  •  We quote for both high & low risks

  •  Modern comprehensive policy wording

  •  Experienced underwriters on hand with authority for instant decisions

  •  No claims discount

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Why insure with Intasure?

We’ve been working with tradespeople across the UK for many years, giving us an understanding of the challenges you face on a daily basis. Combining that and our specialist knowledge in insurance provision we can help find you suitable cover.

Find out more by contacting one of our friendly dedicated sales team on 01384 943 094 today and see how Intasure’s Builders’ Commercial Liability insurance could help you.

*This provides you with a summary of the cover. For precise details of cover, including the conditions and exclusions that apply, the policy document itself should be referred to.

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