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Gardeners Liability Insurance

From mowing to pruning, gardeners help homeowners and businesses to keep outside spaces looking their best. Your green-fingered knowledge means you’re the expert relied on by the many of us who don’t know our rose from our rhododendron. Whether you’re in charge of a kitchen garden or just keeping the weeds at bay, you deliver the results your customers demand.

However, things can go wrong; when you work with sharp secateurs and power tools, the impact can be significant. Someone could get hurt or property, including garden buildings and trees and plants, may get damaged. Putting the problem right or compensating after an insured accident can be costly which is why you should consider Gardeners’ Commercial Liability Insurance.

What is Gardeners’ Commercial Liability Insurance?

Liability Insurance helps protect against insured incidents, for example if someone is injured or property is damaged. Gardeners’ Commercial Liability Insurance is a product designed to meet the needs of gardeners and landscapers. It can also provide cover  for insured injuries or accidents that happen as a result of your workmanship or a product you have supplied or used.

For example:

  • Someone trips on a spade you have left unattended and is hurt.
  • A power tool catches fire and damages property.
  • You accidentally knock and damage an expensive garden ornament.

Do I need it?

Liability Insurance is not a legal requirement but a good idea to research given the costs you could face if something goes wrong. For example if property is damaged, the costs for repairs could affect your business.

Why choose Intasure?

Whether you’re a self-employed sole trader or you run a busy garden maintenance firm, our dedicated sales team will help you to find Gardeners’ Commercial Liability Insurance to suit your situation. Call us on 01384 943 094 for more information and to get cover to meet your needs.

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