Things to consider before starting university

Written by Nick Grant


Published on 11th September 2018


Last Updated on 27th February 2024


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Students celebrating

Starting University can be an exciting but nerve wracking time, and between worrying about your new dorm mates and wanting to dash to the SU bar, protecting your belongings is probably the last thing on your mind:

Students top 10 checklist:

  1. Make a checklist: To make sure you don’t pack one pair of socks and forget your phone charger, we suggest making a list before you begin to pack. Split it by important documents, electrical items, stationery, clothing, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom to make it more manageable.
  2. Sign-up with a GP: You may start the term fresh and full of energy, but when you need a prescription refilled or are struck down with fresher’s flu, you’ll be glad you did this in advance.
  3. Join a club: Play guitar? Always wanted to master hockey? Now is your time! A great way to meet new people and master a skill, a club is essential for any fresher. Just remember to get insurance for your musical instruments or sports equipment so that they’re protected from any eventuality.
  4. Get students insurance: Students living alone for the first time while armed with new laptops and equipment for their course are a prime target for thieves. You should make sure you take out a student insurance policy to make sure if the worst does happen, you aren’t left out of pocket.
  5. Learn to cook: Trust us, eating instant noodles and toast will get boring eventually. Take the time to learn a few simple meals and your student budget will stretch much further. Cooking brings us on to our next topic.
  6. Accidents happen: One too many pints in the SU bar can easily lead to accidental damage – whether that’s a broken chair or a kitchen fire after a culinary experiment. Ensure you’re protected against damage to the fixtures and fittings with a tenant’s insurance policy.
  7. Moped thieves are still an issue: Phone lefts carried out by thieves on mopeds are still an issue on many campuses. Be careful when walking to and from classes, and take out a mobile phone insurance policy to protect your device.
  8. Off campus? Make peace with your landlord before the party gets underway. While you’re likely to look after your landlord’s property, if a beer does get spilt on the carpet an insurance policy can help keep you to your tenancy agreement.
  9. You may already be insured: Students living away from home can occasionally be covered by their parent’s home insurance – so check with them and potentially avoid the bank of mum and dad for replacement items.
  10. Have fun! While there’s a lot to consider before starting a course, the most important thing is that you enjoy the experience. You’ve got this!

If you’re interested in finding out more about students contents insurance (or any other tenants insurance) or to get a quote, contact us to find out more. Got a great tip for new students? Let us know via our Twitter.

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Nick Grant is a Business Development Manager at Intasure with 10 years of insurance experience.