Frequently asked questions

We have listed below a number of the questions that we have been asked when a property is being insured by Intasure. If your question is not answered then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note these frequently asked questions are not a substitute for the policy wording. For full terms and conditions, please see the policy documentation.

The claims numbers can be found on the policy wording, which includes a 24-hour emergency number.

All claims are dealt with through our UK offices. However, we do have an international team of loss adjustors. We will organise this on your behalf. You may be covered for emergency accommodation and travel if the loss adjuster needs to meet with you at the property.

There are two possible routes, should this happen, depending on whether or not the other party(ies) are insured. If they are insured they would claim through their own insurer, who may revert to us regarding the losses. If, however, the other party(ies) are not insured they may take legal action against you and insured claims may be defended/settled by your insurance policy.

No, cover is only for falling trees or branches (including the cost of removal up to £500), lampposts, or telegraph poles causing damage to the building.

A successful claim will likely impact on your renewal premium.

If the other apartments are uninsured then the loss adjustor may take the decision to make a cash payment based on the average of three quotes to rebuild your percentage of the entire block. If, for instance, it would cost £125,000 to rebuild the whole block and there were four apartments, then you would get £31,250.

If you take this policy out paying in sterling then monies you receive in the event of a claim will be paid to you in sterling. If, for instance, you have £10,000 contents cover and claim to have all of the contents replaced then you will be paid in sterling regardless of the country your property is in.

If there is a water or oil leak in the property the policy provides cover for the cost for finding the source of the problem.

If a swimming pool is damaged by an insured peril and this pollutes the pool, cover is provided.

In order to quote for listed properties and properties built before 1850, we need a rebuild cost, as this is how the premium is calculated. The rebuild cost will be shown on your survey.

The taxes are for insurance premium tax in the UK or the taxes applicable to the country we are insuring in if outside of the UK. The other charges are to cover our administration costs, as we have no charges for cancelling, making administrative changes to the policy, or payment methods. This way we are completely upfront about our costs and there are no hidden charges.

No, we are only able to cover your contents as the property owner.

As a tenant you are able to take out contents insurance. The buildings and public liability cover must be insured by the landlord.

Premium Credit Ltd are a third party credit provider. We work with third party credit providers (which may include the insurer of your insurance policy) to manage instalment payments. We act as a credit broker and we are not a lender. If you have opted to pay by monthly direct debit, we will pass your details to the provider and they will make a credit decision about you, which may include a credit check being carried out.

Please let us know immediately if you do not consent to us sharing your details with the provider. If the credit provider company agrees to provide you with credit it will provide you with its own set of terms, conditions and charges and you should familiarise yourself with these carefully. We may receive a commission for introducing you to the provider.

The quotes we provide are valid for thirty days.

This can depend on your policy. Please refer to your policy wording or call us to check.

To help prevent fraud – before taking payment over the phone (for example at renewal or for additional premiums) we will always validate the information we hold on file; information that only you would know. This information could include your address or specific policy details.

We can confirm that, when processing a refund, we will not request bank details or card information over the phone. Any refund we provide will only be for one of three reasons:

1) overpaid funds

2) a reduction in your cover

3) cancellation

We will never request sensitive information, such as, passwords, usernames or a mother’s maiden name.

If you receive a phone call and are unsure it is from us, you can always call us to verify we are who we say we are. Please call us on 0345 111 0680.

Other questions

If you have any other questions please contact us.