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Like to keep your holiday options open? Touring caravans can be the ideal companion. One day you could be cruising through the UK’s countryside, the next lapping up the sunshine on the coast. It’s entirely up to you!

But with this extra freedom comes additional risks— many of which could leave you out of pocket if proper protection isn’t purchased. That’s why it’s sensible to consider touring caravan insurance. Intasure’s policy can offer peace of mind when losses and accidents occur, aiming to give you confidence going into every holiday.

What is touring caravan insurance?

Touring caravan insurance is cover that can help protect your caravan in cases of theft, injury, liability, or accidents. Unlike car insurance, it’s not a legal requirement; however, many car insurance policies won’t cover your touring caravan if something happens. So, our dedicated touring caravan insurance is worth considering for added protection.

What does our touring caravan insurance cover?

Our touring caravan insurance package can provide protection from incidents including:

  • Loss of use – up to £250 per day following an insured incident
  • Personal accident cover – up to £20k
  • Emergency removal cover – removing a disabled caravan following an insured loss
  • Cover for your furniture and awnings if lost or stolen – up to £500
  • Cover to get you, your car and your caravan home following a severe injury or illness – up to £1k
  • Cover for liability – up to £2.5 million
  • European cover – up to 180 days as standard, which can be increased to 270 days (optional)
  • Enhanced accidental damage (optional) – extended cover for family and friends
  • Protection of your no-claims discount (optional)
  • Key cover (optional) – for lost and stolen keys

*Policy terms and conditions apply, to see our touring caravan insurance package in full, follow this link.

How much does touring caravan insurance cost?

The cost of touring caravan insurance depends on several factors, including your touring caravan’s value, make, and model. The same goes for the contents inside your caravan.
Caravan security can make a difference, too. For example, you might expect a cheaper premium if you have a tracker or cameras fitted, as well as if you store it in a safe location. Fancy reducing your insurance costs further? You may be able to do so by building up no-claims bonuses or becoming a Caravan Club member.

Do you need touring caravan insurance?

It’s not a legal requirement to have touring caravan insurance; however, you may still need it. Around 4,000 caravans are stolen yearly1, and along with theft, there’s the risk of damage — another driver could hit you and your caravan when driving or parking. Your car insurance may not cover these scenarios, so you may want to review our touring caravan insurance package for added protection.

Why choose Intasure?

We aim to make caravan insurance simple. Here, you’ll only ever talk to an English-speaking representative, who will help with your initial enquiry through to renewal. They’ll also help with any policy modifications and optional extras along the way to understand your risks and help you build sufficient cover for your needs.

Touring caravan insurance FAQs

Please note that these Frequently Asked Questions are not a substitute for the policy wording. For full terms and conditions please see the policy documentation.

What isn’t included in touring caravan insurance?2022-07-19T15:37:55+01:00

You can find what’s not included in our touring caravan insurance package here.

Is touring caravan insurance a legal requirement?2022-07-19T15:01:07+01:00

No, but many car insurance policies won’t cover loss and damage to touring caravans.

Am I still covered if my touring caravan is unoccupied?2022-07-19T14:59:37+01:00

Yes, our policies provide cover whether your caravan is occupied or not. However, you must inform us if your caravan is unoccupied for a period exceeding 180 days.

What countries can I insure my touring caravan in? – UK and Europe (depending on the level of cover you purchase)2022-07-19T14:58:24+01:00

You can insure your touring caravan in the UK and Europe. However, you will need to purchase optional European Cover for protection outside Britain.

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*This provides you with a summary of the cover. For precise details of cover, including the conditions and exclusions that apply, the policy document itself should be referred to.


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