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Protect your static or mobile caravan in the UK and abroad with caravan insurance.

Are you thinking about buying a caravan for your travels around the UK and trips abroad?

We can certainly see the appeal. Caravans offer a fun and affordable way to travel when it suits you. But you may want to consider whether you’re adequately protected. Whether you plan to get away at the weekend or want the seaside at your disposal during summer holidays, overlooking caravan insurance could prove costly. This cover can protect your investment from damage, theft, and other risks following an insured claim.

Speak to our team today about cover for static caravans, mobile homes, and park homes. We’ve got vast experience arranging caravan insurance in the UK and abroad.

What is caravan insurance?

Caravan insurance is a policy that can offer financial support following an insured claim in a situation where your caravan is stolen or damaged. Our policies can also protect against damage or injury to third parties in the event of an insured claim and offer cover for any contents inside.

Intasure’s static home, mobile home, park home and overseas caravan insurance packages provide different levels of cover for different situations. Each is tailored to your caravan and lifestyle, providing reliable cover when you need it.

Once you’ve got caravan insurance, you can plan your next adventure with more confidence.

What does caravan insurance include?

Caravan insurance varies depending on the extent of your cover. Saying that, Intasure policies comprise protection for accidental damage, periods of unoccupancy, vandalism, fire, and theft.

Below are summaries of Intasure’s cover for static home insurance, overseas caravan insurance, mobile home insurance, and park home insurance. Please refer to the respective policy documents for precise details of cover, including the conditions and exclusions.

A static caravan makes a fantastic permanent residence or base for holiday escapes. While often located in stunning countryside, for instance coastal parks, such locations can come with associated risks from weather events, such as storms or floods.

Static caravan insurance

Before choosing a static caravan insurance policy, check that you are covered for common scenarios, including for holiday rentals and periods of unoccupancy.

What are the benefits of Intasure’s static home insurance policies?

  • Cover during unoccupied periods.

  • Cover for malicious damage or vandalism.

  • New for Old or Market Value cover available

  • Optional accidental damage cover for family and tenants.

  • Public liability cover up to £2.5 million included as standard.

  • Protection for hot tubs.

  • Subsidence or landslip of the land that your mobile home stands on.

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Touring caravan insurance

A touring caravan gives you the freedom to go wherever the road takes you, from Bognor Regis to Barcelona. Hitting the road and potentially passing through multiple countries doesn’t come without risks, that’s why it may be worth considering touring caravan insurance. This form of insurance can cover you on the road in Europe and can get you and your caravan home following illness or injury.

What are the benefits of Intasure’s touring caravan insurance policies?

  • Loss of use – up to £250 per day following an insured incident.

  • Personal accident cover – up to £20,000.

  • Emergency removal cover – removing a disabled caravan following an insured loss.

  • Cover for your furniture and awnings if lost or stolen – up to £500.

  • Cover to get you, your car and your caravan home following a serious injury or illness – up to £1,000.

  • European cover – up to 180 days as standard which can be increased to 270 days.

  • Cover for liability – up to £2.5 million

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Overseas static caravan insurance

While it’s impossible to predict when accidental damage or theft occurs, it’s possible to prepare for the worst eventualities. That’s why you should consider purchasing overseas caravan insurance. It acts as a safeguard, helping to protect you against third-party liabilities for insured claims as well as the loss of valuables, among other risks.

What are the benefits of Intasure’s overseas caravan insurance?

  • Optional Accidental Damage cover for Family & Tenants

  • Cover during unoccupied periods.

  • Cover for malicious damage or vandalism

  •  New for Old or Market Value cover available

  • Public Liability cover up to £2.5million included as standard

  • Protection against water, sewage or oil damage as a result of damage to heating or domestic items

  • Loss or damage caused by electrical power surges

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Mobile home insurance

Are you keen to get back to nature when everyday life becomes stressful? If so, a mobile home could be just the thing. You could be by the seaside, in a sprawling forest, or at a holiday park close to convenient amenities. In any case, mobile home insurance can protect your investment, acting as a safeguard against expenses that can arise from vandalism, injury, and other risks.

What are the benefits of Intasure’s mobile home insurance policies?

  • Cover for loss or damage to your mobile home caused by natural disaster such as storm or flood.

  • Optional accidental damage cover for family and tenants.

  • New for Old or Market Value cover available.

  • Public liability cover up to £2.5 million included as standard.

  • Cover for damage caused by vehicles or animals.

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Park home insurance

As the name suggests, park home insurance is a specialist form of cover for properties sited within private gated communities. These are typically prefabricated detached bungalows, similar to static caravans.

Because park homes typically comprise a ‘non-standard’ construction, your standard home insurance is unlikely to offer adequate cover. That’s where residential park home insurance steps in.

What are the benefits of Intasure’s park home insurance policies?

  • Cover for alternative accommodation and pitch fees following damage to your park home.

  • Optional accidental damage cover for family and tenants.

  • Cover for malicious damage or vandalism.

  • New for Old or Market Value cover available.

  • Public liability cover up to £2.5 million included as standard.

  • Cover for keys & replacement locks if they are lost or stolen.

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What countries are covered by static caravan insurance?

Intasure provides caravan insurance across the UK and Europe. As specialists in different markets, we can arrange policies suited to your circumstances and travel locations.

Our cover is available for the following countries:

  • UK (England, Wales, Scotland, N. Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man)
  • Spain
  • France
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Greece

Please be mindful that restrictions and exemptions in each location can affect your insurance. So, speak to our team before heading out on the road to make sure you’re covered against possible risks.

Why choose Intasure?

Some of the benefits of taking out a caravan insurance package with Intasure include:

  • Public liability insurance included in all policies as standard.
  • New for Old or Market Value cover available.
  • Protection whether your caravan is occupied or unoccupied.
  • Specialist caravan and holiday home insurer.
  • Policy tailored to your needs.

At Intasure, we do caravan insurance differently. We believe our service simplifies the process of buying cover.

How? Well, for one, you’ll have a UK-based English-speaking representative on-hand to discuss your policy whenever you call us. It’s just one of the many ways we help to protect your investment so that you can enjoy some caravan downtime.

Get an insurance quote for your holiday home today or contact our UK team on 0345 111 0680 for more information.

Caravan Insurance FAQs

Please note that these Frequently Asked Questions are not a substitute for the policy wording. For full terms and conditions please see the policy documentation.

Can I let my caravan out with caravan insurance?2022-02-14T16:59:31+00:00

Letting out a caravan to holidaymakers is a popular way of generating additional income during periods of unoccupancy.

Planning to let out your caravan? You’ll be pleased to hear that our static home, mobile home, and park home policies include public liability cover up to £2.5 million as standard. It means that if an insured claim arises from a guest who experiences injury, illness, or death while staying at your caravan, we can help cover the costs.

If you’re residing or staying at a holiday park, you may wish to consider whether the park allows rentals. That’s because many park homes restrict or don’t allow any form of sub-letting—so you may want to check beforehand.

If you do sub-let your caravan, you’ll also benefit from our unoccupancy cover. This insurance ensures your caravan is protected whether you’re present or not; however, exemptions do apply.

How much cover do I need for my caravan?2022-02-14T16:58:18+00:00

Various factors influence the extent of cover you will require for you caravan, including the value and type of your caravan, it’s location and whether you rent it out. The sum insured on your policy will also be influenced by your choice between New for Old or Market Value cover.

Do I need both caravan and contents insurance?2022-02-14T16:57:50+00:00

It’s worth checking the level of contents insurance included in your caravan insurance policy before deciding if you need both caravan and contents insurance.

That’s because many caravan insurance policies include cover for loss or damage to your unit and the contents contained within it.

‘Contents’ can include household goods, personal possessions, and clothing. Your policy wording will outline what isn’t covered and states a list of exclusions. For example, jewellery and motor vehicles are usually excluded.

Your caravan itself is covered on a ‘New for Old’ or ‘Market Value’ basis. New for Old means that whether it is lost, damaged beyond repair or stolen, we’ll source a replacement based on your caravan’s value when it was brand new.

If your policy includes Market Value cover, your caravan or belongings are replaced based on their value at the time of loss, theft, or when irrecoverable damage occurs.

Is my static caravan insured when unoccupied?2022-02-14T16:57:18+00:00

Our static home and mobile home insurance policies include cover for periods of unoccupancy. But whether you’re covered will depend on your policy.

Therefore, homeowners must tell us if their caravan is unoccupied for 180 consecutive days or more.

Unfortunately, if you have a park home policy, accidental damages and losses aren’t covered while your property is unoccupied.

Do I legally need caravan insurance?2022-02-14T16:56:07+00:00

While caravan insurance isn’t a legal requirement in the UK, several risks are involved with owning a caravan. Risks include accidental damage, theft of belongings, and public liability insurance claims. You should be very mindful of the latter if you plan to rent your caravan.

How much does caravan insurance cost?2022-02-14T16:55:30+00:00

The cost of caravan insurance varies depending on several factors, including:

  • Where your caravan is parked and stored — the locations you visit can impact your premium, as will security features, such as cameras.
  • The age and upkeep of your caravan — you’d typically expect to pay a lower premium for a newer caravan with fewer miles on the clock.
  • The size of your caravan — caravans and static homes with large floor plans are likely to attract higher premiums than more compact vehicles.
  • The value of your contents — static caravans and tourers with high-value contents may have higher premiums, so avoid storing valuables on board if possible.

Policy documents

You will need Adobe Reader to view, download and print the PDF policy wording. It is free and available to download by clicking the link below.

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We’re here to help with your Caravan insurance, whether you use it for family holidays, weekend breaks, residential use, or holiday rentals. Call us on 0345 111 0680 for more details today.

This provides you with a summary of the cover. For precise details of cover, including the conditions and exclusions that apply, the policy document itself should be referred to.

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