Caravan Storage  in The Winter

What to do before storing your caravan

Across the winter season many owners of touring caravans decide to put their tourers in some form of temporary storage. However, before placing your tourer straight into storage, preparation is key to maintain your caravan over the winter months when not in use. Considerations you may take are:

1. Choosing your storage site

One of your first actions may be choosing a storage site to store your caravan in. There are lots of caravan storage sites across the UK, this includes Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) approved sites, others are individual storage locations with their own regulations.
Of course, you don’t have to put your touring caravan in storage at an official site you can leave it at your main property if able to do so.

2. Security

Security is important. Not only for yourself as the owner of the caravan but also insurers, and some may ask if you have any security features added to ensure your caravan is protected at all costs when not being used.
If stored at home various security measures can be taken such as;

  • Security cameras on your property watching the caravan
  • Sufficient door locks on the caravan that meets insurers requirements
  • Wheel locks

Unfortunately, not everyone has space to keep their tourer at their main property so some people opt for some storage facilities which are purposely designed with security in mind, for example, CaSSOA. There are more than 500 CaSSOA registered storage sites situated across the UK. These are graded according to the level of security, facilities, access, and effective measures in place to prevent any potential theft and vandalism.

3. Preparing your caravan for storage

The reason to prepare your caravan is to ensure that your caravan remains in the best condition whilst in storage so that it can go back on the road once more when spring arrives. Fire can be a major threats to your caravan even over the winter months. To help prevent this hazard, all gas barrels need to be withdrawn and put away in a bolted compound.
Other issues such as pipe damage can occur if it is not properly drained down. Removing water and waste from of all pipes – paying particular attention to drying out all fittings, valves and taps. This can be done by using your vacuum cleaner to pull air/waste through the channels.
Although we have only highlighted three key considerations, there are a variety of ways to help protect your caravan and prepare it for winter months. For more information on caravans please see our blog page where we cover similar topics in more detail for example, how to drain down your caravan.

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