Drain Down Guide for Static Caravans

We recommend the use of a professional and the Site Owner will normally offer this service as part of the Winterisation process. Drain-Down should form part of Winterisation and should include the following:

  1. Turn off your water by the stopcock under the caravan.
  2. All the water must be drained from the system. Do this by opening up the taps and letting them run dry then flush the toilet. Next, pour antifreeze into your toilet bowl and cistern to stop any freezing and cracking of the ceramics. Disconnect the shower from taps and pour more antifreeze down all plug holes. Open all drain valves under caravan. Most importantly drain off your water heater. Usually they have a drain plug fitted. If not disconnect a pipe.
  3. It is important to remove all water from the system. If you can disconnect the stopcock as well no water can enter the system, as stopcocks can and do sometimes seep water through even though you might have thought you have turned them off.

If the drain points in the plumbing system aren’t adequate to remove water from difficult places like shower valves, blowing it out with low pressure air is accepted as an additional method.

Using a hand or foot-operated pump like an inflatable bed pump works fine – just keep it clean when stored and being used. If you use an electric compressor, it needs to be an ‘oil-free’ type to avoid oil vapour being blown in. The compressor should already be equipped with a filter to remove dust etc. If it has a pressurised air receiver this should be ‘blown down’ regularly to remove any moisture. To make sure you don’t risk bursting the pipes with too much air pressure, make sure it’s no more than about 3 bar (300 kPa) or 40 psi.

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Ref: FP1571-2020