Extreme weather causes concern in Spain

Written by Nick Grant


Published on 9th October 2021


Last Updated on 23rd February 2024


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flood in Spain

The Depresión Aislada en Niveles Altos is a large depression that’s lodged in the upper atmosphere and stalled for several days over the south and east of the country. The result has been unseasonably heavy rainfall that’s resulted in flash flooding and extensive damage to some property and the infrastructure of the region. Some areas of Murcia, Alicante and Valencia saw 40l/m2 of rain in just one hour, and over 100l/m2 in 12 hours. Similarly, Andalucía was severely affected and in particular areas of Córdoba, Almería and Granada where 55l/m2 of rainfall was registered in just 30 minutes, giving some residents little chance to react in time to save their possessions from the floodwaters.

A major weather event

While Spain is not unfamiliar with heavy rainfall, the fact that this particular system appeared to stall over such a wide area could indicate that there is a change in the autumnal weather patterns for the region. Residents and those with property (including holiday homes, villas and static caravans) may need to consider this event as a possible warning of things to come over the coming decades, as we start to see the effects of potential climate change.
However, by providing holiday home insurance to property owners, as well as cover for villas, static caravans, and primary home cover for ex-pats living in Spain, at Intasure we hope to offer an insurance product that fulfils the cover you require for your property.
Our local lost adjustors in Spain are always ready to assist clients following an insured claim. While some areas may be temporarily inaccessible until floodwaters recede, our adjustors are actively collaborating with local authorities to gain access to affected areas as quickly as possible to begin the process. Our loss adjusters understand how difficult conditions are, and all of us at Intasure are committed to resolving claims for flood damage to properties as quickly as possible.

What about the future?

The current spell of bad weather will pass, and hopefully, the region will be spared further deluges in the immediate future. But we all recognise that climate change is potentially having a direct effect on people’s lives, and at Intasure we’re just as conscious about the fact that it can and will have an impact on some of our clients.

At Intasure, we try go the extra mile for our clients, no matter what Mother Nature throws at them. If you have a property in Spain and would like to know more about holiday home cover for your Spanish property, contact us today using our online form for a quote.

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