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Written by Nick Grant


Published on 2nd September 2020


Last Updated on 23rd February 2024


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5 Home Design Tips To Refresh Your Rental Property

Whether a home is rented or owned, a home is a home. Most of us vision of living in a home that shows something about our personality. However, we understand that accomplishing this dream in a rented property can be more difficult due to potential restrictions in a contract. This article will provide 5 ways to refresh your rental property with temporary design ideas.

1. Adding colourful rugs
Any rug can change the appearance of your room whether its bright or dull, solid or printed, small or large, rugs can change the aesthetic of a room instantly. If your rental property has plain beige walls, by adding in a colourful rug you can integrate your personality and style into a plain room with it becoming the focal point of your room.

2. Let’s liven up those walls
Adding some nice artwork, photo frames, and soft lighting might make a huge difference to a dull wall. Have you ever wondered why people want to visit the town where your house is? Use the potential of the location to add theme to your property, including frames with vintage photos of the people. It’s irresistible! Paint one of the walls of the bedroom with a vibrant colour or include a nice relaxing wallpaper design. Make it a place where people can easily relax.

3. Ditch boring blinds and add bright curtains
Drapes and curtains can refresh any room especially to cover up any dull boring walls within the property. Brighten up the interiors of your rented property by putting up bright fun curtains of your choice in all your rooms.

4. Don’t underestimate the power of a mirror
Mirrors can come in every shape and size and they can carry the ability to instantly refresh any dull walls. Especially if you’re looking for any décor that is rental-friendly, maybe consider getting your hands on a statement mirror. An extra tip to keep in mind, mirrors can also open up your room and make it appear larger too the eye.

5. Flowers in the window
Plants have the power of calming and relaxing any room where they are. Even if pineapples or flamingos were trendy in 2019 it doesn’t mean people will get bored of plants (palm trees, cactus, succulents…). There are plenty of options and low-maintenance indoor or outdoor plants that could create a homely feeling. Just imagine the positive energy and peace in your home by adding some flowers or plants throughout.

Styling your holiday home may improve the value of your rental property, and first impressions are shown to be very important! In fact, a lot of it is about adding cosy touches and warm colours to make the house feel homely so guests might prefer to stay in your property. There are plenty of free resources you can use to get ideas, and you can find inspirational photos for your house to rent or holiday cottage on social media.

Whether you’re letting out a holiday cottage or a flat, Intasure could provide you buildings insurance, to help protect the structure of your house, or contents insurance, to offer peace of mind against accidental damage.

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Ref: FP990-2020

Nick Grant is a Business Development Manager at Intasure with 10 years of insurance experience.