Parking up your tourer

Written by Nick Grant


Published on 9th August 2017


Last Updated on 23rd February 2024


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Touring caravans

Any Category B Driving license holder will know the difficulties of manoeuvring a towed object into a parking space. What they might not know is the legal right to keep and store a touring caravan on the land that they own. Many people expect that if it’s their driveway they can use it as they wish, but this can land you in hot water if the deeds of the property don’t allow it.

At anytime, but especially from the 1970’s, any ‘estate type’ property is liable to have a clause in the deeds that restricts the parking or keeping of a caravan or commercial vehicle on the premises. This is due to planning regulations and how it affects the neighbours space, view of the road, and their ability to manoeuvre. It’s possible to amend these restrictions by appealing to the council – but don’t expect a quick and simple process.

If you’re planning on keeping a Touring caravan on your driveway it’s worth checking the deeds of your property to see if they have any clauses on this. It’s also worth speaking to your neighbours to ask whether there’s a clause or not because it may affect them, and it’s nice to keep good relations.

When the open road beckons it’s great to have your trusted caravan outside, but don’t get caught out – make sure your touring caravan’s parked legally.

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