Preparing your static caravan for the summer

Written by Nick Grant


Published on 2nd May 2019


Last Updated on 23rd February 2024


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Summer caravans

Out with the rain and in with the sunshine, spring arrival signals the need to get your caravan back up and running after the winter closedown, right? In this article, Intasure offer a pre-season list of spring checks to ensure your static caravan is fully operational and ready to use now the caravan parks have opened up for the season.

Have the right tools at your caravan

You might need some tools in case you need to make some small repairs. A set of screwdrivers, pliers, an extension lead, a tape measure, stepladders, a hammer and a hacksaw are common tools that can help you if you need to make some any quick fixes. And they are easy to keep in a shed or a storage box.

Give a deep spring clean

If you are ready to enjoy the holiday season in your static caravan or lodge, you may make sure your mobile home is clean and fresh, as well as checking if other fixtures and fittings are in good condition. Holiday homes that have been unused for a while and some cleaning problems might arise after an unoccupied period. Cleaning the interior and exterior of your property can help prevent pests, damp and potential structural issues.

If you decide you don’t want the hassle of maintaining your static caravan or holiday lodge you could always get in touch with a cleaning company to do this job for you.

Check the outside of your static caravan

The exterior of your caravan or lodge might have suffered from severe weather conditions over the winter, such as high winds, snow, or other water damage. You should to take the time to examine your holiday home from the outside for any signs of damage from storms including the windows, skylights, seams and seals, and satellite dishes as well as any outside storage.

Also it is important to have a look around the panels of your static caravan to make sure they haven’t suffered any damage in winter, checking for dents, holes or cracks, as well as the roof guttering.

Check the taps in your holiday home

After turning the water in your static caravan back on, take the time to make sure all taps are turned off properly to help prevent flooding. If your holiday home has been empty for a while flush the toilet and let any taps run for a couple of minutes to let both hot and cold water pass through.

Is there mould in your caravan or lodge?

Caravans in the UK are prone to mould, so keep an eye out for black mould spots on windows, doors and ceilings – especially in the bathroom. Sometimes bowls of salt are not enough to prevent condensation. Mould is generally caused by poor ventilation or leaks which will require fixing. Caravans need to ‘breathe’ in order to avoid any damp and timber rot in the winter months, and mould and damp can be cleared by a good mould-removal product during the spring.

You should look for any visible signs of damp and use a dehumidifier for a few hours if you detect any noticeable signs. If in doubt, it might be useful to leave windows and doors open to get some air in and check mould signs in soft furnishings.

Are the safety devices working in your static caravan?

Test your carbon monoxide detector and fire alarm to ensure that the batteries are still operational. You should also check that the electrics are not sparking as this means they may have been compromised and present a fire risk.

The water, gas and electrics may have been switched off for some time over winter, so get in touch with your site so they can switch these back on before you return.

Protect your holiday home with static caravan insurance

Everything in order? If your static caravan or holiday lodge has suffered any damage over winter, your insurance provider might be able to help with any significant problems that require you to make a claim.

At Intasure, we can provide static caravan insurance, offering you the peace of mind that your holiday home has protection in place. If you need to insure your static caravan make sure you have suitable cover in place in your property and for your use:

  • Do you want to rent your caravan or lodge out?
  • Does you static caravan insurance include accidental damage?
  • How much public liability would you require in your static caravan?

Now your spring checks are complete you can enjoy your caravan or holiday lodge all summer long. Are there any spring checks that we might have missed out? Tell us more on our Facebook or Twitter accounts.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our caravan insurance or to get a quote, then please call Intasure on 0345 111 0680 and we’ll be happy to help.

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