The Great British Staycation

Staycations are on the rise since two years ago and the UK looks set to be once again the most popular destination for holidays in 2018.

It’s official. An increasing number of Britons choose to stay in the UK for their holidays rather than travelling abroad. Whether you’re heading away for a long weekend or full week, the stats from the ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) prove The British Staycation is here to stay. 66% of us are planning a break in the country and just between January and August there was a boost in domestic holidays, and over 33 million trips taken!

“The British Staycation” takes its name from the American vacation term, and describes the rise in Britons wanting a break in the UK. Reasons for this change are avoiding airport hassle, not leaving our pets behind, struggling with exchange rates and payments with different currencies, or even finding the closest foreign commonwealth office. A holiday abroad can cost more than staying in the UK. By contrast, driving up the motorway to Scotland or across to Cornwall, is looking much more financially attractive.

Why stay in the UK for your holiday? We know there are hundreds of stunning places overseas, but sometimes we might be obsessed with traveling abroad as a fashionable experience without discovering the beauty and hidden places of our own country. After all, caravans were invented in this country! In this article we explain the 5 reasons for planning your next holiday in the UK. Would you add another reason more?

1. Variety of city breaks

Clear water beaches, dreaming villages, big cities, natural scenery, museums, impressive monuments, and excellent gastronomy are part of a part of the attraction of many types of holiday. In this occasion, city breaks are the most popular type of holiday for Britons (48% of people took a city break in the past 12 months), followed by beach holidays (40%) and countryside breaks (21%).

What are some of the best destinations to visit in the UK? A new ABTA report revealed the Top Ten city breaks in 2018 are:

  1. Exeter
  2. Bristol
  3. Chelmsford
  4. Brighton and Hove
  5. Oxford
  6. Cambridge
  7. Southampton
  8. Bath
  9. Coventry
  10. Sheffield

2. A holiday by the sea

Looking for a holiday by the sea? Almost one in five children have never set foot on a UK beach, according to a survey of parents carried out by the charity Keep Britain Tidy. However, did you know there are 65 Blue Flags across the country, that show their cleanliness, safety, water quantity, and facilities. These certifications, held by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), have been issued on an annual basis since 1987.

beach huts

For a beach holiday trip, these are the most popular seaside places for Britons in 2018:

  1. Torquay
  2. Bournemouth
  3. Brighton
  4. Weymouth
  5. Blackpool
  6. Southport
  7. Southampton
  8. Dover
  9. Weston-Super-Mare
  10. Isle of Wight

3. Rediscover the country

The UK has scenery and natural beauty comparable with other holiday destinations, and a huge number of British holidaymakers are rediscovering the country in their holiday homes in the UK, driving with their touring caravans, or just renting a place for a few days out. Rolling hills, woodlands, majestic lakes, and breath-taking vistas are not far away from home. According to a reader survey by Rough Guides, Wales (10th), England (7th) and Scotland (1st) are included as the Top Ten of the most beautiful countries in the world!

holiday cottage
village houses

4. Nowhere like the traditional towns and villages

Among the grey concrete, bricks, and mortar in the big cities and industrial towns, you can find a wide variety of beautiful villages and traditional market towns. There are never-ending arrays of radiant and impressive places to discover in any county.

5. The weather

Nobody can deny the UK weather is not as predictable as in the Mediterranean countries, but British beach holidays are not as concerned as one might expect because UK resorts and caravans sites are much better prepared to offer quality activities and entertainment on a rainy day. Warmer and wetter summers are expected in the future according to the Met Office’s Annual State of the UK Climate report

In past years, going abroad for a holiday was trendy and fashionable, but today more British holidaymakers are rediscovering the beauty and grandeur of their own country. As with the past 12 months, ABTA’s findings suggest that holidays are a spending priority for the year ahead, despite the political uncertainty. More than half of the people surveyed (51%) said they will spend the same on their holiday next year. The decline in value of Sterling against the euro and dollar has made the UK a far cheaper destination.

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Author: Marina

Published by: intasure