What to consider before buying a park home

Written by Nick Grant


Published on 3rd February 2022


Last Updated on 23rd February 2024


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What to consider before buying a park home

Park homes appeal to a lot of people. Dotted across the country in some of the most desirable locations, they offer those looking to downsize and perhaps move to a more rural environment an alternative to a ‘bricks and mortar’ home. 

It’s important, though, to understand that buying a park home can be very different to purchasing a normal property. To start with, you may not own the land the park home is built on, and depending on the licencing agreement with the park owner, you may not be able to live in the property all year round. So before you decide to buy a park home, here are a few other points you may want to consider.

Who can buy a park home?

Almost anyone can buy a park home. Some sites may have age restrictions and would be more suitable for older people. However, many parks have no such restrictions, and with pre-owned options available in some parks, they can be an affordable residential or holiday home option for many people.

Can I live there all year round?

This can depend on the park and its licencing agreements with park home owners. Many allow residents to stay there all year round, others may have clauses that mean the property has to be vacant for a certain amount of time (usually one to two months per calendar year). It’s maybe essential to check this clause before you buy a park home.

How to buy a park home


Here are three ways you can buy a park home:

  • Straight from the manufacturer, which can allow you to design your own
  • From the park site, where a new home can be instantly available 
  • Finding an existing park home to purchase second hand from another owner

Of the three, a bespoke park home from the manufacturer may cost the most money, but it allows you to design it to your exact specifications. 

If you want to spend a little less then you can buy new park homes that are already in situ. Look around for sites that have new models available. These can be ready to move straight into, and if your park home is on a site that allows sub-letting then you could also be earning rental income very quickly.

Finally, there is the option of buying a pre-owned park home. If they’re on managed sites, pre-owned models can be in good condition. Even if they’re a little dated inside, it can be just a simple matter of freshening the interior up with some new décor and you’re ready to go. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a new park home, a pre-owned option is a great entry-level option and can generate a good level of revenue very quickly if you wish to rent it to holidaymakers.

What other costs are there?

Other costs to consider include the site fees. Bear in mind that the land that the park home sits on might be leased, which will mean that at some point you’ll either have to pay to renew the lease, or the home may be moved or sold by the site owner if the lease lapses without renewal.

Site fees usually include the pitch fee for the land (an annual charge), as well as maintenance fees. Site fees will vary from site to site, so it could be essential to get a full breakdown of the costings before you commit to your purchase.

If you’ve bought a bespoke park home direct from the manufacturer then there may be transportation fees to factor in. While the site owner may be able to arrange transportation and installation on your behalf, the costs may have to be met. They could either be included in the purchase price or charged separately. Again, it may be worth asking before committing to the final purchase.

Park home insurance

Just like any other home, park home insurance is something to consider. Whether you’re living in the property yourself or letting it out as a holiday park home, you may need to protect your asset. 

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