Top Five Most Annoying House Sharing Habits

Written by Nick Grant


Published on 15th May 2018


Last Updated on 27th February 2024


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dishes in sink

In this article we’ve listed some of the house sharing bad habits that really push us to the edge.

Sharing a house, whether you’re a student or a young professional, is sometimes a necessity – especially with rising rent prices. Yet different people living together, drawn together out of circumstance can be a recipe for disaster. From the housemate who blasts EDM at all hours to the one who steals the last of your milk, it’s often the little things that are the worst.

5. Loud music or noises

It’s been a long day and you’re ready to sleep. Whether it’s your mate who likes to call their mum via Skype late at night, the one who blasts Ed Sheeran at all hours or the person who is incapable of coming back from the pub quietly – loud noise is a big bugbear. Luckily you’re often just a set of earplugs away from fixing this problem.

4. Keeping on top of the fridge snitch

From the housemate who occasionally “borrows” some of your milk to the one who leaves grim Tupperware festering at the back of the fridge, sharing a fridge is rarely enjoyable. Nobody wants to become the person who writes their name on everything they’ve bought, yet food thieving can be a nightmare – maybe the only solution is a mini-fridge in your room?

3. The hot/cold debate

We all have one flatmate who will whack the heating up as soon as September rolls round and the other who would rather put a jumper on and save money! Everyone has different ideal temperatures and this often results in all the windows open and the heating up regardless of month. Ventilation may be important, but if you want the bedroom window open in January – maybe keep it to your room alone.

2. Hair, hair everywhere

Everyone seems to have a flatmate who has more hair than a Golden Retriever. You won’t realise until you start finding clumps in the plughole and glued to the shower wall, while they’re blissfully unaware of their shedding. This one is gross, but sometimes you have to accept it and get extra enthusiastic with the bleach.

1. Dirty dishes

Top of the most annoying house sharing habits are the dirty dishes. It’s not hard to wash up after you’ve cooked and doing so keeps the problem at bay, yet one housemate would rather buy paper plates than wash-up a saucepan. So what can you do then to minimize the annoyance? Avoid frustrations by cleaning everything you use straight away and leave your lazier housemate to deal with their own mess.

So many problems can be avoided by just letting the people you live with know what drives you crazy, and no matter how terrible they are thankfully your bedroom is your sanctuary! You can always retreat there, away from the possible madness outside. Now where can we get a mini-fridge from? Got a bugbear we haven’t covered? Let us know via Twitter

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Nick Grant is a Business Development Manager at Intasure with 10 years of insurance experience.