Travelling to your Holiday Home

Written by Nick Grant


Published on 6th October 2016


Last Updated on 23rd February 2024


Read time: 2 minutes


Completed successfully this can be a stressless breeze but run into problems and the start of the holiday can begin to seem like a nightmare. Missed flights, broken down cars and passports left at home are just some of the things that can get your holiday off on the wrong foot. To help make sure this doesn’t happen here are some of our top tips for a smooth and untroubled journey to your holiday home.

About a week before you leave start a packing list with all the things you need to take with you and don’t want to forget. That way when it comes to packing you just need to tick the items off your list. Do the same with things you need to check before you leave (door locked, oven off etc.) and you won’t worry about forgetting anything.

If you’re going abroad it’s a good idea to take photocopies of important documents just in case you lose them, but remember to keep these in a different part of your luggage than the real documents. It’s also a good idea to keep some emergency cash separate from your main cash.

If you’re driving to the holiday home then check to make sure the vehicle is in tip-top condition before you set off (or get a mechanic to do this for you), by making sure tyre pressures and fluid levels are correct, for example. Also, make sure you’ve had enough sleep and have had something to eat before you set out, then take breaks every couple of hours.

If you’re catching a flight check your flight in the final 24 hours to make sure there haven’t been any last minute changes. When organising how to get to the airport leave plenty of time and if you’re driving book parking in advance to get the best deals. For the flight itself wear comfortable clothing and take more than one book to read to stay entertained. As the cabin isn’t humidified it’s important to stay hydrated by drinking water.

Finally, it’s also a good idea to take along a copy of your holiday home insurance policy. This way if you arrive at the holiday home and things aren’t quite as they should be you can contact your insurers directly. If you’re an Intasure customer then you’ll be able to access your holiday home insurance policy anywhere and at anytime by making use of our easy-to- use portal.

We hope you have a comfortable trip. Bon voyage!

Nick Grant is a Business Development Manager at Intasure with 10 years of insurance experience.