What equipment do you need for your touring caravan?

Written by Nick Grant


Published on 27th February 2018


Last Updated on 27th February 2024


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Top touring caravan accessories

1. Caravan security devices

These are some of the most popular caravan devices you can buy to help keep your touring caravan and its contents safe:

Hitch locks – Hitch locks are a popular method to help deter thieves as they prevent the caravan from being removed from a towing vehicle.


Tracking devices for touring caravans – Even with the best devices on the market, your touring caravan can be stolen. Having an additional protection such as a tracking device lets you track your caravan’s location using GPS. Some of these tracking devices are more sophisticated and can alert in real time if you caravan is on the move.

Alarmed locks and cables – Can be really useful when you’re touring as they are quick and easy to fit and may work as an effective deterrent. There are many different types of alarmed locks, cables and chains available on the market at a range of different prices.

2. Caravan covers

Are caravan covers worth it? Some people consider caravan covers an extra protection from the elements and some even order a customizable caravan cover. When buying one of these, a popular option is a waterproof cover. It’s always a good idea to leave internal lockers open to encourage air circulation and avoid condensation, especially during winter. Towing covers are now becoming more popular when driving to keep the caravan clean from insects, stone chips or dirt on the road. Prices generally start low and range up to around £100.

3. Caravan awning

Caravan awnings are becoming more popular to increase the size of your caravan space while you enjoy a good rest outdoors. The prices vary depending on size and quality, and it can be good investment if you’re planning to use the caravan during long periods. You might even add awning lighting, pegs, and carpet or groundsheets.

4. Caravan tableware

There is a wide range of caravan tableware options; from plastic to traditional china or stoneware tableware. If this is your first time and you’re planning to buy new pieces, why don’t you go for an ecological and environmentally friendly design brand? They are also affordable, and you might find non-plastic dishware.

5. Caravan antenna

Whether it’s raining outside or you need a break, for most people having a TV in your touring caravan is an extra treat. You can watch TV as normal when travelling to Europe if you set up your satellite and choose a provider which provides this type of service.

Do you need a separate TV license for a caravan? Not if you’re touring, but you’ll need to inform authorities by completing a form on www.tvlicensing.co.uk if you’re on a season pitch and you need to confirm your license won’t be a simultaneous use; for example, watching or recording live TV at the same time for your touring caravan and main home.

6. Caravan solar panels

Would you consider buying a solar panel for you caravan? It’s a good alternative to keep you battery topped up and make use of the free electricity that they will generate from the sun’s light. Nevertheless there are potential disadvantages, especially the investment or the maintenance (you need to check a charge controller fitted in-circuit and keep the battery in good conditions when the caravan is unattended).

Caravan must-haves:

1. First aid kit

First aid kits are handy addition for every caravan or motorhome to treat injuries while on holiday, and they aren’t just useful, in some countries they are mandatory. With so many options in the market, a comprehensive kit is great, but make sure it remains compact enough for easy storage. It is advisable to include at least a good selection of plasters in different shapes and sizes. Dressings and gauzes, bandages, safety pins, tapes, disposal gloves, and antiseptic wipes are other must-haves. You can find a basic kit from around £20 upwards on the internet.

2. Fire safety in caravans

For your own safety, you should fit smoke detectors and a carbon monoxide detector, and keep a fire extinguisher inside by the door. You should take special care when handling gas cylinders that must remain outside the caravan to prevent any possibility of gas leak.

3. Electrical safety and heating in caravans

You can make sure your electrical wiring and appliances are in good order by testing them regularly by a qualified electrician. Better avoid multi-adaptors, as they can be overloaded. Some of them might be dangerous if they aren’t bought from reputable shops and used correctly.

4. Caravan ventilation equipment

When cooking or heating, you might pay attention to caravan ventilation equipment and take special care when cooking –keep all matches and lighters out of the reach of children, and don’t leave pans unattended. When heating, you might make sure the area is well ventilated by opening a door or window.

5. Caravan water system

You will need a fresh water carrier to store your fresh water and a waste water carrier to collect used water from sinks and the shower (not the toilet). You can add a water pump that dangles into the fresh water container from the side of your caravan to supply fresh water. Before considering buying anything, seek advice from your local dealer about prices and dimensions.

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Nick Grant is a Business Development Manager at Intasure with 10 years of insurance experience.