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Static caravan insurance

This is a policy to cover physical loss or damage to your unit and contents (provided that you purchase contents cover). Unit includes standard fixtures, fittings and equipment supplied by the manufacturer/builder when new. Contents include household goods, personal possessions and clothing. In addition this policy covers you for a wide range of perils, including (but not restricted to) fire, flood, storm, theft, escape of water and your legal liability.

Where is cover available?

In the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain

What is covered?

  • Loss or damage to your unit and contents caused by fire, smoke, explosion, lightning, thunderbolt, earthquake, riot, civil commotion, strikes, labour disturbances, aircraft and other aerial devices or anything dropped or falling from them.
  • Loss or damage caused by storm or flood, theft or attempted theft.
  • Escape of water or oil from any fixed domestic water or heating installation or water freezing in any fixed domestic water or heating installation.
  • Impact or damage by any animal, or vehicle.
  • Loss or damage caused by the breakage or collapse of television or radio aerials, satellite receiving dishes, their fittings or masts.
  • Malicious acts or vandalism.
  • Falling trees, telegraph poles or lampposts or any parts of them.
  • Public Liability cover up to the amount specified in the Schedule.
  • Subsidence, heave or landslip of the land or pitch on which your unit stands and for which you are legally responsible.
  • Accidental damage – basic cover.
  • Replacing and fitting locks and keys for any external doors, windows, intruder alarms and safes installed in your unit, if you lose your keys.
  • Reasonable costs for alternative accommodation and pitch fees you are liable to pay for the period the unit cannot be occupied following loss or damage by an insured peril under Section 1 of the Policy rendering the unit uninhabitable. This is limited to 10% of the total sum insured for your unit for any one claim.
  • Emergency Travel – Up to £300 for one return air or rail ticket to the insured unit for you and up to £300 for a second return ticket for a member of your family, plus the necessarily incurred costs of temporary accommodation and/or expenses up to £400 in the event of the Unit being uninhabitable due to an insured event under Sections 1 and 2 of the policy. Subject to prior agreement and approval

Optional Covers

  • Additional enhanced accidental damage cover.
  • Increased liability cover to £5,000,000

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*This provides you with a summary of the cover. For precise details of cover, including the conditions and exclusions that apply, the policy document itself should be referred to.