Owning a static caravan is a significant investment, so it can be wise to protect your asset with suitable insurance.

Our caravan insurance policies can help to protect you against many risks associated with owning and maintaining a static caravan.

What is static caravan insurance?

Static caravan insurance can provide protection against theft, liability, accidents, and damage. Although it isn’t a legal requirement, many home insurance policies won’t cover static caravans. That means you typically won’t have protection against standard static caravan risks, such as extreme weather.

By purchasing static caravan insurance, loss and damage can be covered if the worst happens.

What countries can I insure my static caravan in?

Intasure’s static caravan insurance can provide cover in the following countries:

  • UK (England, Scotland, Wales, and the Isle of Man)
  • France
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Spain

What does static caravan insurance cover?

Our static caravan insurance can help to protect you against many static caravan risks, including theft, damage, natural disasters, and even losing your keys. Better still, we can tailor policies to meet your specific requirements. So, whether you let your caravan to friends, use it as a holiday home, or live there permanently, we can offer a personalised package with the cover you want.

Intasure’s static caravan insurance policies can include*:

  • Building and contents cover 

    to help protect against physical loss or damage (including accidental damage) to your static caravan

  • Natural disaster cover 

    to help protect you if one damages your static caravan, such as a storm, flood, or earthquake

  • Public liability cover 

    up to £2.5 million as standard

  • Alternative accommodation and pitch fees 

    if damage to your home renders it uninhabitable

  • Optional key cover

    including a new set and replacement locks if you lose your keys

  • Emergency travel if you need to visit your static caravan home

    to oversee repairs following a claim or to reach a primary residence if you’re stranded

  • Replacing and fitting locks

    cover for the cost of replacing and fitting locks on external doors, windows, intruder alarms, and safes

  • Year-round cover 

    whether your property is occupied or not

Optional covers are typically suited to homeowners who rent out their static caravan and can include*:

  • Enhanced accidental damage cover 

    with protection for family and guests

  • Enhanced liability cover 

    with public liability cover up to £5 million

  • Accidental damage

    to household fittings, including glass tops in furniture and ceramic hobs

*Please refer to your policy details. You can add accidental damage and enhanced liability cover to your policy as optional extras.

Policy documents

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Why choose Intasure?

We’re a specialist static caravan insurance provider with almost 20 years of experience, so we know how to choose an insurance package that meets your needs. Our flexible policies include a range of optional covers to ensure you get a suitable policy for your static home.

Need a helping hand? Our UK-based, English-speaking representatives are on-hand to answer your questions. Once set up, they can make any modifications to your policy and handle renewals. This level of care has earned us a 4.7 rating on Reviews.io**.

Get a static caravan insurance quote online or by calling our specialist team on 01892 269 079.

**Correct as at 17/03/2023.

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Please note that these frequently asked questions are not a substitute for the policy wording. For full terms and conditions please see the policy documentation.

As with all insurance policies, the premium will depend on several factors, such as:

  • The location of your static home – for example, if your static caravan is in a high flood or storm risk area, you might receive a more substantial quote.
  • The size of your static home – large static caravans tend to incur higher premiums when compared to properties with small floor plans.
  • The age of your static home – you may find that older static caravans need regular maintenance and therefore can be more expensive to insure. Whether you opt for new for old or market value cover can also affect cost.
  • The value of your static home – as with residential home insurance, you may have higher premiums to pay for properties of a higher value.

For an accurate overview of your policy cost, speak to a member of the Intasure team on 01892 269 079. Our specialist team can help you compare caravan insurance types to help you find suitable cover.

Static caravan insurance isn’t a legal requirement, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it. Many caravan parks ask for static caravan insurance to stay on their site. Plus, many home insurance policies won’t cover liability, damage, loss, and theft for static caravans, possibly leaving you liable to pick up the costs if something goes wrong.

Purchasing static caravan insurance can help to provide peace of mind should the worst happen. It can also provide dedicated insurance required by many caravan parks.

Yes, you can choose between new for old or market value cover. New for old means we can cover the cost of replacing a lost or damaged item or the closest equivalent where this isn’t possible. This relates to your contents and property. Market value cover, on the other hand, means we can cover the cost of the item at the date the incident took place, providing a used replacement of the same age and condition.

The maximum amount insurers will pay is limited to the sum insured shown in your schedule of insurance. All cash settlements will be on a market value basis only.

Your insurance is divided into contents and property cover. Therefore, it is crucial to correctly calculate the value of your contents – especially your static caravan. Miscalculate this figure and you could be underinsured.

New for old caravan insurance cover means we’ll cover the cost of replacing your static caravan with an equivalent model in the event of a total loss claim.

Although our policies include a range of covers, there are a few risks that we don’t cover. So, it’s a good idea to carefully check your policy to review any exclusions, such as:

  • General wear and tear
  • Damage caused by pets, insects, or vermin
  • Accidental loss/damage caused by faulty manufacturing
  • Damage or loss from poor security, such as leaving doors unlocked

Yes, our policies can provide cover whether your property is occupied or not. However, you must inform us if your static caravan is unoccupied for a continuous period exceeding 180 days.

You may find that you require optional cover, such as extended accidental damage cover, in addition to our standard protection, which covers your caravan and its contents. Please get in touch with our dedicated team to get a better idea of the level of cover you may want.

To make a claim, first read the policy and schedule to check that you’re covered.

To register a claim, please download a claim form, complete it and return it to Intasure.

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