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General Questions

We have listed below a number of the questions that we have been asked when a property is being insured by Intasure. If your question is not answered then please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team on: 0345 111 0680 or email it to us. You can use these links to get to the desired question and answer.

What would be the process for making a claim from abroad?2022-01-31T15:15:39+00:00

The claims numbers can be found on the policy wording which includes a 24 hour emergency number. All claims are dealt with through our UK offices, however we do have an international team of loss adjustors, we will organise this on your behalf and you will not be liable for their costs. You however, are covered for emergency accommodation and travel if the loss adjuster needs to meet with you at the property. To see how quickly claims are settled then please see the testimonials page on our website.

Does the policy cover damage caused to neighbouring apartments in event of fire, smoke damage etc initiating in our apartment?2022-03-03T09:51:08+00:00

There are two possible routes should this happen depending on whether the other party(ies) are insured. If they are insured they would claim through their own insurer, who may revert to us for the losses. If however the other party(ies) are not insured they may sue you and any claims settled as a result of their action would be paid by us.

If a tree fell down on the parameter of our property but did not actually damage the property, would we be covered for the removal of the tree?2022-01-31T15:08:05+00:00

No, only Falling trees or branches (including the cost of removal up to £500, lamp posts or telegraph poles, causing damage to the Buildings.

If I make a claim then will my premium increase next year?2022-01-31T15:07:22+00:00

Yes. A successful claim will impact on your renewal premium.

What if the apartment below me is not insured?2022-01-31T15:24:45+00:00

If the other apartments are uninsured then the loss adjustor may take the decision to make a cash payment based on the average of three quotes to rebuild your percentage of the entire block. If for instance it would cost £125,000 to rebuild the whole block and there were four apartments then you would get £31,250.

We offer block insurance in every country we insure in, though we would need to insure every apartment in the block. This would ensure in the event of a total loss then the block would be re-built.

If we take this cover out we will pay in sterling, as our property is in the euro zone currency will we be paid in sterling or euros in the event of a claim?2022-01-31T15:05:50+00:00

If you take this policy out paying in sterling then monies you receive in the event of a claim will be paid to you in sterling. If for instance you have £10,000 contents cover and claim to have all of the contents replaced then you will be paid in sterling regardless of the country your property is in.

What leaks are covered by trace and access?2022-01-31T15:05:09+00:00

If there is a water or oil leak in the property then the cover will pay for finding the source of the problem.

If the swimming pool is polluted due to flood or something like that, is that covered?2022-01-31T15:03:50+00:00

If pool is damaged by an insured peril and this pollutes the pool then there is cover.

Are there any exclusions regarding the swimming pool?
The following details the exclusions regarding the swimming pool, and below that what the cover provides.


  1. Damage to pool structure, covers, filtration plants, heaters & pumps caused by family or tenants or anyone lawfully allowed in the property (accidental damage)
  2. Loss or damage to swimming pool covers, filtrations plants, heaters & pumps are not covered against storm, flood, hail, snow or avalanche
  3. Loss or damage to swimming pools, covers, filtrations plants, heaters & pumps and all other ancillary equipment are not covered against escape of water, sewage or oil from any fixed heating or domestic water installation, washing machines, dishwashers.
  4. Theft or attempted theft of the pool structure, covers, filtration plants, heaters & pumps by family or tenants or anyone lawfully allowed in the property
  5. Damage of the pool structure, covers, filtration plants, heaters & pumps caused by collision (by domestic pets, insects or birds)
  6. Damage to the pool structure, covers, filtration plants, heaters & pumps caused by falling trees, branches, lamp posts (if they are being lopped or felled), telegraph poles, aerials, solar panels, satellite dishes & fittings (if corrosion of fixtures & fittings has caused them to fall).
  7. Damage caused by faulty workmanship or design or defected materials or gradually operating cause (wear and tear) to the pool or any pool equipment.

The following is included in the cover:

  1. Public liability if injury or death is caused in or around the pool (as long as the pool is included in the buildings sum insured)
  2. Damage to the pool structure, covers, filtration plants, heaters & pumps caused by fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake or subterranean fire.
  3. Damage to pool structure, covers, filtration plants, heaters & pumps caused by riot, civil commotion, labour, political disturbances, malicious persons or vandals
  4. Damage to the pool structure only caused by storm, flood, hail, snow or avalanche.
  5. Theft or attempted theft of the pool structure, covers, filtration plants, heaters & pumps
  6. Damage to the pool structure, covers, filtration plants, heaters & pumps caused by collision (involving aircraft, aerial devices, anything dropped from them, vehicles or animals (e.g. cattle)
  7. Damage to the pool structure, covers, filtration plants, heaters & pumps caused byfalling trees, branches, lamp posts, telegraph poles, aerials, solar panels, satellite dishes & fittings.
My property is Grade ll listed, do I need to supply a rebuild cost and where will I get this information?2022-01-31T14:59:30+00:00

In order to quote for listed properties and properties built before 1850 we need a rebuild cost as this is how the premium is calculated. The re-build cost will be shown on your survey.

What information is required for a quotation?2022-01-31T15:12:20+00:00

Unless your property is listed or built before 1850 (UK only) we calculate the premium using the type of property (detached, terrace etc), approximate year of build, the number of bedrooms and whether there are any outbuildings or a private swimming pool. Claims made within the last five years may also affect the premium, you can also choose the excess level and add on accidental damage cover, theft by tenants and Family Legal Protection.

What does accidental damage cover include?2022-01-31T14:57:24+00:00

Accidental damage cover is for incidents such as red wine being spilt on the sofa or a football kicked through a window. Under our UK Main Residence Policy and UK Landlords Policy this cover is given as standard, under the Holiday Home Policy it is optional, and if taken covers accidents caused by both yourself and tenants (tenants defined as anyone lawfully on the property)

What is the minimum amount of contents cover I can insure?2022-01-31T14:55:18+00:00

Under our Holiday Home Policy and UK Landlord Policy the minimum amount of contents we can cover is £2,000 under our UK Main Residence Policy the minimum is £10,000. Please note that we do need to insure all of of the contents we can’t cover just a partial amount.

If I reduce the buildings cover down from £1million will this reduce the quote, also if the public liability cover goes down to £2 million will this reduce the premium?

The premium is calculated on the type of property you wish to cover, whether the property is a five bedroom detached house or a studio apartment we will always give £/€1 million of buildings cover. With regards to public liability cover, this actually comes as standard at no extra cost when buildings and/or contents cover is taken. If you just take buildings cover then the public liability will only cover events that come from the buildings (such as a falling roof tile) and the same with regards to only taking contents cover.

Are there any limits to the amount that can be claimed under contents for valuables?2022-01-31T14:54:04+00:00

The maximum amount that can be claimed for valuables is 20% of the sum insured, eg. if you take £20,000 contents cover then you can claim up to £4,000 of valuables,  up to 40% of entertainment equipment (TV’s, computers etc) can be claimed so on this example £8,000. If you insure items away from the home under the ‘all risks’ section then this brings those valuables out of the 20% rule.

What are the taxes and other charges applied to my quote?2022-01-31T14:53:06+00:00

The taxes are for Insurance premium tax in the UK or the taxes applicable to the country we are insuring in if outside the UK. The other charges are to cover our administration costs as we have no charges for cancelling, making administrative changes to the policy or payment methods, this way we are completely upfront about our costs and there are no hidden charges.

Can I insure my tenants contents?2022-01-31T14:46:51+00:00

No, we are only able to cover your contents as the property owner.

I am renting a property, what insurance can I take out?
As a tenant you are able to take out contents insurance, the buildings and public liability cover must be insured by the landlord.

Could you email me a copy of the applicable terms and conditions so as to facilitate comparisons?2022-01-31T14:52:20+00:00

There is a link to the policy wording and summary on the e-mail we sent you with our quote, it can be found by following the ‘click here’ button at the bottom of the page and the policy wording link is in the top left hand corner.

Can two scooters (in the garage) be covered due to flood?2022-01-31T14:51:18+00:00

We are unable to provide cover for any vehicles whether on the road or not as this needs to be covered under motor insurance, the exception being sit on lawn mowers.

Restriction of Building Cover to Individual Apartment/Flats (England and Wales)

Where the property is an apartment/flat and you are the leaseholder or share the freehold the buildings cover is limited to Section 1 Buildings consists of fixtures, fittings, improvements and decorations belonging to you or for which you are responsible. Subsidence cover is excluded.

I have not provided any details on how much it would cost to rebuild my property, how do you know the cost from the information I have provided?2022-01-31T14:50:23+00:00

We work out the premium based on the type of property you own, this done via a matrix system based on the number of bedrooms, type of build, age of the property and whether there are any outbuildings or a swimming pool. This gives us the average cost of a re-build in that particular area/country but we will always provide £/€1 million or £/€500,000 (depending on the country).

This is so you can never be underinsured or suffer from currency fluctuations. In the UK if your property is either Grade II, B or C listed or built before 1850 then we require a rebuild cost to quote. In addition when quoting for a chalet, lodge or static caravan we require a replacement cost in order to quote.

How can I pay for the cover?2022-01-31T14:49:24+00:00

We take payment over the phone so please do not e-mail in any bank or card details as for security reasons we will delete them straight away.

You can pay by:

  • Credit or debit card in full, we accept Mastercard, Visa (credit, debit and electron) Delta, Connect, Switch/UK Maestro, Solo or JCB.
  • Monthly direct debit option, monthly payments are administered by Premium Credit Limited and interest is charged, please check with us what the additional cost will be to pay monthly.
  • Cheque issued from a UK bank account in Sterling.
  • Bank transfer in Sterling or Euros, please contact us for the correct bank account details.

Who are Premium Credit Ltd?

Premium Credit Ltd are an insurance premium finance company providing finance to clients wishing to spread the cost of their insurance premiums over several months instead of having to pay the premiums in full and upfront.
More information can be found at www.premiumcredit.com

You are able to access your account with Premium Credit Ltd by telephone or via their client website at www.mypremiumcredit.com this will allow you to view your personal details and make changes and payments.

The value of the property is €150,000 not €1m – why does my quote price not reflect this?2022-01-31T15:26:59+00:00

We work out the price of your policy based on the type of property you own. Properties are covered up to £1m/€1m, this is to ensure that you cannot be underinsured and do not suffer from currency fluctuations.

You are therefore not paying for the £/€1 million of cover, the price is based on the type of property.

My bank are saying that they will not accept any other insurance cover?2022-01-31T15:21:59+00:00

We quite often come across banks who try and claim the above in order to retain their business. If you have a mortgage then it is usual that for the first year that you will need to insure with them. After that you are free to go on cover with whoever you wish, if you are having trouble with your bank then please contact enquiries@intasure.com and ask for a copy of the EU Directive which provides that any insurance company within the EU is free to do business within the EU. This directive enshrines in law the free market and prevents protectionism. In the past we have had clients who have reported their banks to the EU Competition Commission and the banks have quickly changed their mind. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on how to deal with banks.

Can I take a policy out over the internet?2022-01-31T14:44:58+00:00

We may need to speak to you before we process the policy for you as we could need some underwriting questions answered, it will only takes a few minutes to set a policy up.

Do you have an expiry date for the quote?2022-01-31T14:43:26+00:00

The quote will be valid for thirty days.

On the FCA website it states that you are unable to hold client money?2022-01-31T15:20:50+00:00

This is for the protection of our clients as we are contracted with our underwriters on a risk transfer basis, which is explained below:
Intasure act as an appointed agent of the insurer in relation to premium receipt from clients. The premiums paid by clients to Intasure are deemed to be received on behalf of the insurer and thus the client is afforded full protection of his payment in the event of any misappropriation.

What professional bodies do Intasure belong to?2022-01-31T14:41:47+00:00

We are members of three professional bodies:

  1. Financial Conduct Authority – number 311572
  2. BIBA – British Insurance Brokers Association
If I started to live part of the year in UK and part of the year in France, would the policy remain valid?2022-01-31T14:41:04+00:00

The Homes and Holidays Homes policy can cover either a holiday home or a main residence.

What is the length of time property can be left vacant ?2022-01-31T14:40:32+00:00

Please refer to your policy wording or call us.

What is the excess level?2022-01-31T14:38:42+00:00

The excess level on the Holiday Home Policy is either:  £/€0/ £/€50/ £/€150/ £/€250 or £/€500

For UK Main Residence Policies and UK Landlord Policies the excess is either: £50/£100/£250/£500/£1,000

For UK Block Policy the excess is either: £0/£100/£250/£500/£1,000/£2,500/£5,000
Depending on which excess level you choose, this applies to all claims with the exception of earthquake and subterranean fire (volcano) where the excess level is £5,000.

The excess for earthquake is £1,000 for UK Main Residence Policies, UK Bed & Breakfast Policies, UK Landlords Policy and UK Block Policy.

The excess for earthquake under the Homes & Holiday Homes Policy is £/€5,000.

The excess for earthquake under the Static Home, Park Home and Non-Standard Property Policies is the standard policy excess.

In Turkey the compulsory property tax known as Dask acts as the excess in place of the £5,000.

Our subsidence excess is £1,000 unless otherwise stated in your policy.

Does the public liability includes cover for employees?2022-01-31T15:11:25+00:00

Domestic servants could be a cleaner or gardener, in the event they are injured on your property and you are found to be liable then you are covered. If you are having professional work carried out such as a builder or plumber then this is not covered as tradesmen should have their own public liability insurance.

My buildings are insured through the community – is it possible to get contents and liability only?2022-01-31T15:25:26+00:00

We do not offer liability cover with contents only – you must have buildings cover to include Public liability.

Do you have an option to cover garden fences, shed & contents? If so what is the extra premium?2022-01-31T14:36:12+00:00

We cannot extend storm, subsidence and falling trees damage to these items, but they are still covered for theft, collision damage, fire, falling aerials etc and accidental damage cover.

Is glass is also included in the cover?2022-01-31T14:35:36+00:00

If you have covered for accidental damage which includes cover for sanitary ware, mirrors and glass then you are covered. If you choose not to take out accidental damage then glass will be covered under all the other perils. Accidental damage cover for glass/sanitary is limited under the Holiday Home policy, the Bed & Breakfast policy and the main residence, for Block, UK Landlord, Park Homes, Static Caravans and Non Standard properties there is no limit.

Does the policy cover pedal cycles, money away from home?2022-01-31T15:18:15+00:00

The policy does include cover for pedal cycles and personal money (please check policy for amount of cover). We can insure items away from the home which would come under unspecified valuables, however it is worth checking your main residence home insurance as you may already be covered.

What does Legal Expenses Cover Provide?2022-01-31T14:32:13+00:00

Legal expenses cover (Family Legal Protection) is optional and will increase your premium under the Holiday Home, Main Residence, Park Home, Static Caravan and Non-Standard Property Policies, this cover is not available under the Block and Bed & Breakfast Policies.

For UK Landlord Policies the additional premium is more specific to landlords requirements such as the repossession of the property from a tenant.

The cover provides for the event you need to pay for legal costs in personal injury, consumer, employment, motoring prosecution, tax cover and property. The property part covers the costs of bringing legal action to pursue a civil claim resulting from an incident which causes damage, nuisance and/or trespass which effects or will affect your owning or living in your home. This may already be covered under you main home as legal cover is for the person rather than the property, please check as you may result in paying twice for the same cover.

If I add more contents at a later date, can I add extra contents cover?2022-01-31T15:17:27+00:00

You don’t need to include the extra contents right now, if at a later date you add more furniture then all you need to do is call us and let us know the extra amount required, you then just pay the difference for the increase of cover, there are no additional administrative costs.

Can I pay by monthly instalments?2022-01-31T14:27:49+00:00

Do you charge any interest?
Yes, monthly payments are administered by Premium Credit Limited, interest is charged with a minimum credit fee. Please check with us what the monthly cost would be on your quote. We can also accept direct debits when the policy is taken in euros and paid from a Spanish bank account, this incurs a monthly charge.

Can the date of payment be changed?
The first payment will be within 7 days of when we take your account details, the date of payment will then always be the day of the month of the policy start date.

Can I change the bank account that the direct debits come out from?
We can arrange this for you, please call our accounts department on 020 8274 6738

What is the policy on cancelling the cover should we go ahead?2022-01-31T14:25:04+00:00

There is a 30 day cooling off period during which you would receive a full refund (as long as no claims are made), if you cancel after this date (Please see the terms and conditions for details). We need to be notified by writing either by post or e-mail with the date of cancellation and the reason for cancellation.

What do I do if I get a call asking for my details and I don’t think it is a legitimate?2022-01-31T15:16:43+00:00

To help prevent fraud – before requesting your bank details to provide you with a refund by phone, we will always validate with you information that we hold on file; information that only you would know. This information could include your address or specific policy details. Any refund we provide will only be for one of three reasons: overpaid funds, a reduction in your cover, or cancellation. If you receive a phone call and are unsure it is from us you can always call us back on +44 (0)345 111 0670 to verify we are who we say we are. Gallagher also will not ask you for other forms of sensitive information, such as passwords, usernames or a mother’s maiden name.

Other Questions

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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