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Unoccupied Home Insurance

Properties can sit unoccupied for a number of reasons – whether it’s because the house is part of a probate process, is being renovated, or is a rented property and is in-between tenants. Whatever the reason, it is always wise to make sure your house insurance is up to date. At Intasure, we can help you find home insurance for empty properties that offers protection at a competitive price. Intasure unoccupied house insurance offers what could be essential protection for your unoccupied home from a range of risks such as flooding, fire, or break-ins.

How long will your property be empty?

Sometimes, a property can be left empty for months at a time, for example, during the winter period when holiday lets can be a bit thin on the ground! At other times, the period of unoccupancy can be much shorter, such as in-between rental periods for let properties. We think that no matter how long your house is empty for, it should have suitable insurance cover. Therefore, our home insurance can cover unoccupied properties at competitive prices.

People invest a lot of time and money in their homes. Having appropriate insurance means, you can spend more time enjoying the good things a house can bring, such as quality family time, and less time worrying about what might happen if things go wrong.

Short, medium and long-term unoccupied insurance

Our sales team understand that sometimes, circumstances can change quickly. Therefore, we can adapt our standard unoccupied property insurance policies for properties that are empty for 30-60 days, and properties that are vacant for 60+ days, subject to underwriter approval and may carry an additional premium. There’s also various levels of cover to help protect both the building and its contents.

Whether you are renovating a property you have bought at auction to sell on, have a holiday cottage that you close for the winter months, or are a landlord who has periods of unoccupancy between lettings, we can help.

At Intasure, we cover all sorts of unoccupied homes all over the UK, from city flats to semi-detached houses in the suburbs, cosy terraces and bungalows.

What’s covered*?

As well as buildings insurance, we provide home insurance for empty properties that include:

  •  Accidental Damage cover included as standard

  •  Cover provided during unoccupied periods

  •  Alternative accommodation cover – following an insured loss under buildings

  •  24 hour emergency property assistance available alongside buildings cover

  •  Public Liability cover up to £5million included as standard

Contents insurance for unoccupied properties

It is not just the house that may need insurance protection. Your contents could too, especially if your property is a holiday let that has been closed up for the winter.

Probate periods

If you are dealing with an unoccupied property as part of an estate after the death of a family member or friend, there are insurance policies that can protect the property while probate is finalised. For more information, talk to one of our team.

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We know how complex home insurance for unoccupied properties can be, so our sales team are on hand to help you. Simply fill in our contact form, or call us on 0345 111 0680 today.

*This provides you with a summary of the cover. Policy limits and exclusions may apply. For precise details of cover, including the conditions and exclusions that apply, the policy document itself should be referred to.

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