As the pound depreciates in value through the uncertainties in the UK economy caused by the duel aspects of threats and opportunities caused by the Brexit vote some prospective holiday homeowners, who might otherwise have headed overseas, are now asking themselves what the UK might have to offer instead. Certainly the UK has a lot to offer the prospective holiday homeowner whether its outdoor activities such as sailing or surfing on the coast, enjoying the scenery of one of the 15 national parks, finding new flavours of culinary diversity or just plain getting away from it all there’s somewhere here for everyone. With this in mind, and in no particular order, here are just some of the top holiday home destinations:
Edinburgh: Set about the spectacular Edinburgh castle and walks up to a windswept Arthur’s seat Robert Louis Stevenson described Edinburgh, ‘this dream in masonry and living rock’ [as] ‘not a drop-scene in a theatre, but a city in the world of every-day reality. Though anyone visiting today throughout the month long Edinburgh Festival might beg to differ as each craggy corner of the city teams with creative activity. Culture, architecture and history are all woven deep into the fabric of the city.

Cornwall: Jutting ruggedly out on the peninsula of the mainland Cornwall can seem a world away from the rest of the UK, and many locals (for whom it’s known as Kernow) would agree. It’s not just having the sunniest and mildest climate in the UK that contributes to this. A jagged storm-beaten coastline coupled with a variety of wide and secretive beaches give Cornwall a special place and it has long been a favourite for holiday homeowners in the UK.

Brighton: If you’re looking for somewhere more vibrant you could hardly go wrong in the colourful outrageous kink that makes up the bohemian belter Brighton. The alternative status of the city was cemented in May 2010 with the election of the first Member of Parliament for the Green Party. A combination of seaside glamour, chic boutique and wild nightlife all combine to give Brighton its uniquely hedonistic feel.

The Lake District: As the UK’s most popular national park, set over 912 square miles, the Lake District attracts an estimated 15.8 million visitors every year. Interestingly, given its national park name only one body of water has the word ‘lake’ in its name; Bassenthwaite Lake, the others being known variously as meres, tarns and waters. Whatever they’re called it’s not hard to see what stirred the creative imaginations of some of the UKs best loved poets and writers. A place to indulge in the scenery the Lake District remains a firm UK favourite.

Wales: If your part of a family of diverse tastes then Wales, a place of dragons, mythic and music could be the place for you. Adventurous activates abound; cultural city-breaks excite or beautiful beaches await those who choose to holiday in Wales.

These are some of our favourites, though there are many more and wherever you choose to make your holiday home destination in the UK make sure its somewhere you love.

October 25, 2016

Author: Marina

Published by: intasure