Malicious damage at an overseas main home

Written by Nick Grant


Published on 5th September 2018


Last Updated on 27th February 2024


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Greek claim

Mr and Mrs E. share their personal story with Intasure after a malicious damage at their Greek villa.

“After 13 great years living in Australia, we felt we were too far away from the family and we decided to buy a house on the Greek islands, and well, here we are in Kefalonia since then!.

We purchased our beautiful villa in 2012 and moved here on St Patrick’s Day 2013. We decided on the beautiful island of Kefalonia because, after numerous visits and falling in love with the island and the totally laid back lifestyle, plus all the locals we spoke to here said it was “the paradise”. We felt we could make a new life in a foreign country but near to the family in the UK.sue tom

One of the pulls for living in Greece was the frequency of flights back to the UK and the fact we could even go away in the winter due to flights off the island to Athens, where you can fly to literally anywhere!

Since the purchased of our villa in Greece we have only been insured with Intasure. We were told about Intasure through the many expat friends we have made here, and the main reason was Intasure offers earthquake cover in their overseas holiday home insurance, which was most important living on an island that experiences earthquakes from time to time, although nothing too serious.

This year we had to make a claim for the first time since we were in Greece, and Intasure was absolutely fantastic in dealing with our claim. We were away from the property during some months and suffered malicious damage: some unknown person entered in the property, turned on the water at the outside taps at the rear of the property causing us to lose the equivalent of 20 years water usage. We managed to get a discount from the water company here and asked Intasure if they thought we might get some assistance with the shortfall. After filling out and submitting the claim forms we were most surprised and of course very satisfied that Intasure had accepted our claim.

Also the renewal process is so easy, a simple email reminder and payment is made without any hassle at all. As the adage goes: if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Quite honestly, Intasure is top drawer, and faultless, plus timing is all important, and of course communication of which both are exemplary.

I believe if you want a company that cares about its customers and offers a no hassle service, then look no further. There are so many negative comments passed about insurance companies and their lack of care from dissatisfied customers, it is a real pleasure to say to friends and many other people who ask us about Intasure that it’s the only friendly and reliable company to deal with.

We meet many expats in our day-to-day work who are wanting to buy property here in Kefalonia, and never hesitate to remind them that if they do go on to buy the home of their dreams, then the only reliable insurance company to trust their beloved property with is Intasure.” – 2018

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Nick Grant is a Business Development Manager at Intasure with 10 years of insurance experience.