The excess level on the Holiday Home Policy is either:  £/€0/ £/€50/ £/€150/ £/€250 or £/€500

For UK Main Residence Policies and UK Landlord Policies the excess is either: £50/£100/£250/£500/£1,000

For UK Block Policy the excess is either: £0/£100/£250/£500/£1,000/£2,500/£5,000
Depending on which excess level you choose, this applies to all claims with the exception of earthquake and subterranean fire (volcano) where the excess level is £5,000.

The excess for earthquake is £1,000 for UK Main Residence Policies, UK Bed & Breakfast Policies, UK Landlords Policy and UK Block Policy.

The excess for earthquake under the Homes & Holiday Homes Policy is £/€5,000.

The excess for earthquake under the Static Home, Park Home and Non-Standard Property Policies is the standard policy excess.

In Turkey the compulsory property tax known as Dask acts as the excess in place of the £5,000.

Our subsidence excess is £1,000 unless otherwise stated in your policy.