What do I do if I get a call asking for my details and I don’t think it is a legitimate?

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To help prevent fraud - before requesting your bank details to provide you with a refund by phone, we will always validate with you information that we hold on file; information that only you would know. This information could include your address or specific policy details. Any refund we provide will only be for one

Can I pay by monthly instalments?

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Do you charge any interest? Yes, monthly payments are administered by Premium Credit Limited, interest is charged with a minimum credit fee. Please check with us what the monthly cost would be on your quote. We can also accept direct debits when the policy is taken in euros and paid from a Spanish bank account,

What does Legal Expenses Cover Provide?

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Legal expenses cover (Family Legal Protection) is optional and will increase your premium under the Holiday Home, Main Residence, Park Home, Static Caravan and Non-Standard Property Policies, this cover is not available under the Block and Bed & Breakfast Policies. For UK Landlord Policies the additional premium is more specific to landlords requirements such as

Is glass is also included in the cover?

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If you have covered for accidental damage which includes cover for sanitary ware, mirrors and glass then you are covered. If you choose not to take out accidental damage then glass will be covered under all the other perils. Accidental damage cover for glass/sanitary is limited under the Holiday Home policy, the Bed & Breakfast

Does the public liability includes cover for employees?

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Domestic servants could be a cleaner or gardener, in the event they are injured on your property and you are found to be liable then you are covered. If you are having professional work carried out such as a builder or plumber then this is not covered as tradesmen should have their own public liability

What is the excess level?

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The excess level on the Holiday Home Policy is either:  £/€0/ £/€50/ £/€150/ £/€250 or £/€500 For UK Main Residence Policies and UK Landlord Policies the excess is either: £50/£100/£250/£500/£1,000 For UK Block Policy the excess is either: £0/£100/£250/£500/£1,000/£2,500/£5,000 Depending on which excess level you choose, this applies to all claims with the exception of

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