Guide to static caravan site fees in 2024

Written by Nick Grant


Published on 3rd January 2023


Last Updated on 4th June 2024


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Static Caravan Insurance

If you’ve just bought a static caravan, you’re probably wondering what’s next. Before you set off on your first trip, there are a few extra costs to consider, such as site fees. Let’s explore what site fees are. How much you need to pay, why, and to whom.

What are static caravan site fees?

Static caravan site fees are costs you pay to rent the land where your static caravan sits. Although you own the caravan, the park owner reserves all the rights to the actual grounds. So, you may need to pay a fee to use it.

Essentially, site fees (sometimes called ‘pitch fees’) act like ground rent, and they can cover you for an entire year. Of course, if you pitch a static caravan on private land, you may not need to pay a site fee. But for any caravans on UK holiday or residential parks, you can expect additional site renting costs.

What is included in caravan site fees?

Static caravan fees pay for renting the land where your caravan sits, plus additional space like a garden area. Most parks also include access to other amenities within your site fees, including:

  • Park maintenance – Fees usually cover costs associated with park upkeep, such as grass cutting, landscaping, and other maintenance.
  • Park security – Most holiday parks have 24/7 security, including security personnel, electric gates, and CCTV cameras. Fees typically cover this protection to keep your static caravan safe.
  • Facility access – Holiday parks include on-site facilities, including restaurants, bars, shops, parks, and leisure centres. Most parks won’t charge extra to use these areas, but it’s worth checking. Some also give discounts on items purchased at their facilities, such as vouchers for money off food.
  • Refuse collection – Your pitch fee will likely cover rubbish collection, so you don’t need to worry about disposing of waste elsewhere.
    Winter preparation – Some parks may include fees for winter preparations in your site costs. This could involve draining down your caravan, for example.

How much do caravan site fees cost?

Fees for siting a static caravan vary significantly from park to park, depending on location, park size, popularity, on-site facilities, and caravan size. According to research from Caravan Sleeps, the caravan sales website, in 2024 you can expect to pay anywhere between £3,000 and £12,000 for an annual pitch fee. That said, some parks can charge more.

You can offset the pitch fees if you let out your caravan. Sometimes, you may even make additional income on top of your site fee.

Why do site fees vary between parks?

Caravan yearly site fees vary because every park is different. Parks in highly desired areas with more on-site facilities can cost more than those in less popular areas.

The fees you pay differ based on numerous factors, including:

  • The park’s location and popularity
  • The various on-site facilities
  • Size and position of your caravan pitch
  • The opening season of the caravan park

Finding the cheapest caravan site fees

Because costs vary, it’s essential to shop around first, so you know you’re getting the best price. You might not want to pay upwards of £10,000 for a holiday park in a less sought-after area and no on-site facilities, for example.

To lower site fees, you may consider:

  • Choosing smaller, independent holiday parks with lower prices
  • Opting for a smaller plot, or selecting a smaller caravan
  • Changing your pitch spot; for example, switching to an area with a different view
  • Choosing holiday parks with fewer on-site facilities – ones with water parks, shopping centres, and many restaurants – will likely charge more
  • Areas with lots of parks, as they may have lower rates
  • Looking at less affluent areas

How do you pay caravan site fees?

Most parks are flexible, offering a single, upfront payment or monthly instalments. Usually, you’ll pay via Direct Debit, bank transfer, or a secure online portal.

Your buying agreement typically outlines the terms for paying the annual site fee. If you’re unsure, speak to the park owner first.

What other costs do static caravan owners need to consider?

There are also other static caravan costs you may need to consider. Although site fees usually include pitch rent, park maintenance, and access to facilities, they don’t include utility bills. You’ll need to make alternative arrangements for gas, electric, and water bills, which of course, come as an additional cost.

Owning a static caravan comes with added risks, including theft and damage. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider investing in caravan insurance. While it’s an optional added cost, it can help to protect your investment for insured events, including natural disasters, theft, and accidental damage – especially if you let it out.

At Intasure, we offer static caravan insurance to provide added protection for your caravan, whether you’re using it or not. Our policies can include cover for buildings and contents, natural disasters, loss of keys, malicious damage, and more. To get your quote, complete our online quote form, or speak with a member of our team on 0345 111 0680

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