How to move your Static Caravan

Can a static caravan be moved? In this guide, we will highlight some points to consider when relocating your static caravan.

Some static caravans might only stay in one location the whole time they are in use, static caravans are typically made in a factory and transported to a holiday home park where they’re pitched and connected to utilities etc.

Why move a static caravan?

There are various different reasons the owner of a static caravan may want to relocate their unit, for example:

  1. A better pitch has become available on the same holiday park, so you seek to move your static caravan a matter of metres or to a different area of the park.
  2. You may just wish to move to a new park closer to your main home or in a different scenic location.
  3. If the static caravan is not being used or let out, you may want to store it somewhere safe like a caravan storage site for example.

Is it easy to move a static caravan?

Moving a static caravan to another location is a specialist job and should only be handled by a company with the right training and equipment. This is because these specialists know how to load and secure units safely for the journey without putting your static caravan at risk. The site you are currently on, or the park you are moving to, may have details of companies who can do this for you.

What is the cost to move a static caravan?

The costs can vary due to different variables in the quote a company will provide. Variables include the length and difficulty of the journey and the size of the caravan itself.

Other items that can affect the cost of relocation are disconnection from electricity, gas, water, sewers, TV and internet etc.

Finally, updating your insurance policy. When relocating, you should contact your insurers to update your policy information. If the caravan is moving to a higher risk location this can affect premium prices to reflect an increased risk. Also, your insurance policy may not cover you during the relocation process therefore it it’s always best to talk to them first.

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