Where to site your static caravan

Written by Nick Grant


Published on 12th December 2022


Last Updated on 23rd February 2024


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site your static caravan

Are you investing in a static caravan for sunny UK holidays? Sounds idyllic! Now, where do you site it? You have a few different options – but there are rules and regulations to be aware of before you set up camp.

So, let’s run through what to consider when siting your caravan, from how to move it to how much it can cost.

Reasons for moving a static caravan

People move static caravans for many different reasons. Perhaps you’re moving your mobile home to a new holiday park. Maybe the park you’re currently in is closing your plot or shutting down completely.

In some cases, you may have come to the end of your term agreement with the holiday park, and now want to move to different surroundings. Or, of course, you may be new to the static caravan world, having just made your first purchase, and now need to find somewhere to site it. Whatever the reason for moving a static caravan, you might want to consider the finer details first.

Where can I put my static caravan?

Your static caravan needs a home, so let’s explore the different options.

Residential sites

Some residential parks will let you site your static caravan for a fee. However, a lot of residential sites sell static caravans pre-situated on their plots. In addition, some parks won’t accept caravans over a certain age or ones that don’t fit their aesthetic. So, bear this in mind when looking for your perfect spot.

Residential sites have all the necessary amenities, including water and gas supply. You may also have additional amenities, like clubhouses, on-site swimming pools, or restaurants. However, they’ll usually come with a higher site fee.

Holiday sites

Like residential sites, holiday parks have all the necessary amenities and added extras like nearby beaches, on-site shops, restaurants, bars, and playgrounds. Choosing a holiday site also means you’re guaranteed a set plot, and you may even get a total fee that includes transportation costs.

However, similar to residential sites, most holiday sites source and buy static caravans to sell with their plots. Therefore, it can be tricky to find ones that allow you to bring on your caravan – but it’s possible. Remember, most holiday sites are also seasonal, which means they’re closed during winter.

Private land

You may also be able to site a static caravan at your residence or on your purchased private land. However, you may need planning permission to do so. Different authorities also have varying rules, so you’ll need to speak to the local council first1.

How to move your static caravan

Static caravans are designed to stay at their designated plots, so it’s not as simple as towing the caravan to your car and heading down the motorway. Moving static caravans requires a specialist low-loader truck to take them to their new location. Depending on their size, an escort may need to accompany the truck while on the road.

Transporting a static caravan can be costly, depending on the distance you’re travelling, the size of the caravan, and whether you’ll need to pay for an escort.

How much does it cost to site a static caravan?

There’s no set fee for siting a static caravan. On private land, it’ll be cheaper since you won’t need to pay site fees. But at holiday and residential parks, the rules are different.

Most charge you more than typical pitch costs because you’re bringing your own caravan. These costs vary considerably depending on the available amenities and location. On average, larger holiday park site fees can cost anywhere from £2,000 to over £10,0002. You should also consider added costs associated with disconnecting caravans, transportation, and assembly at the new site.

While site fees may include access to on-site amenities, you’ll still need to cover the cost of utility bills and static caravan insurance. Although it’s not mandatory, all static caravan owners should consider insurance for extra protection against risks, whether theft, accidental damage, public liability claims, or even natural disasters.

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