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Key Insurance

We’ve teamed up with CPP to offer you insurance cover from for lost or stolen keys. You can attach as many keys as you like, meaning you can cover your personal keys, such as your house, holiday home or car keys.

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Protection for lost & stolen keys, keys locked inside your home or vehicle, and broken keys.

  • Locksmith charges if insured keys are lost, stolen, or locked inside the property or vehicle
  • New locks if there is a security risk to due to the loss or theft of insured keys
  • Vehicle hire, for up to 3 days, if unable to access your vehicle due to lost, stolen, or broken keys
  • Onward transport costs if no access to vehicle whilst away from home due to lost, stolen or broken keys
  • Accommodation costs if no access to home due to the loss or theft of insured keys

If you were to lose your keys, you’d want it to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. We do this by giving you:

  •  A committed claims service
  •  24 hours, 365 days emergency assistance
  •  A UK based call centre with excellent customer service
  •  Access to a nationwide network of locksmiths
Save yourself the hassle and feel relaxed knowing that you could be covered:

  • No excess to pay
  • No claims discount is unaffected on home policy
  • No requirement for key fob to be attached to keys at time of loss
  • No waiting period before a customer can make a claim

Key Cover Enquiry

    * Terms and Conditions apply. For limitations and exclusions, please read the policy documents for full details.

    Some tips on how to keep keys safe

    We have recommended below some of the ways you can look after your keys:

    1. Don’t leave keys unattended – keep them out of sight in a bag or pocket.
    2. Try not to put all keys on the same ring, because if one is lost, the whole lot will need replacing.
    3. If keys are given to a mechanic, then only give them the necessary keys.
    4. When buying through a private seller or dealership, always ask for two sets of keys.
    5. Don’t leave a spare key in the glove box (you’d be surprised how many people do this).
    6. Leave keys out of sight in your house – cars are often stolen through home burglaries.
    7. If possible, give a spare key to a trusted family member or friend.

    Key protection is valuable bringing peace of mind and the knowledge that you have back up should you be unfortunate enough to lose your important keys.

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    This provides you with a summary of the cover. For precise details of cover, including the conditions and exclusions that apply, the policy document itself should be referred to.

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