Under our Holiday Home Policy and UK Landlord Policy the minimum amount of contents we can cover is £2,000 under our UK Main Residence Policy the minimum is £10,000. Please note that we do need to insure all of of the contents we can’t cover just a partial amount.

If I reduce the buildings cover down from £1million will this reduce the quote, also if the public liability cover goes down to £2 million will this reduce the premium?

The premium is calculated on the type of property you wish to cover, whether the property is a five bedroom detached house or a studio apartment we will always give £/€1 million of buildings cover. With regards to public liability cover, this actually comes as standard at no extra cost when buildings and/or contents cover is taken. If you just take buildings cover then the public liability will only cover events that come from the buildings (such as a falling roof tile) and the same with regards to only taking contents cover.